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More Test pots

After almost 3 years of working in porcelain, I’m exploring a new clay/glaze combination. It’s a dark red stoneware made here in Kentucky. I’m able to combine my love of clay, carving AND PAINTING for this new surface design.

Bear making pottery cup
bunny with flowers cup
peace goats with berries cup
cardinal cup
yellow cat cup
yellow cat cup
US Route 62 cup
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Test results are in!!!

I’ve been trying something new with clay, and going through some trial and error to get the clay/glaze combination to work right.

I finally have the chemistry working! Here are my latest test results:

Bird Cup 20oz
handmade stoneware cup with decorative rabbits flowers and a heart. made by kentucky artist ken swinson
rabbit cup 21oz
handmade stoneware cup decorated with two horses, flowers and a heart design
horse cup 24oz

they are all food/microwave safe. As always, they are not available online, you will have to visit my studio in person to add one to your collection!

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New Paintings : Sheep and Kiss at Twilight

I’m diving deeper exploring a new way to paint and make marks. A lot of this technique is like monoprinting, but I’m mixing drawing and painting. Each has their strengths. I love to work in a variety of mediums, so mixed media feels natural to me.

This week’s paintings depict two more of my favorite farm themes: a happy sheep, jumping around on the farm, and two pigs *in love* kissing in the twilight. A lucky friend/collector got a sneak peek and the pigs and it’s now part of their collection, but fortunately, fine art prints are available. The original sheep painting is available.

click the links below for more information on prints and the original.

Thank you all for your support!

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New Paintings Night Time Chickens and Flying Pig

I had a great week of painting! 2D work uses a different part of my brain. I’m combining printmaking, painting and drawing–along with some of the layered surface design ideas that I recently learned from Adero Willard at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.

This week’s paintings depict two of my favorite themes: Flying Pigs and Chickens in a tree at night.
Prints AND THE ORIGINALS(update: originals no longer available) are available if you would like to add one of these to your art collection.
Thank you all for your support!

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Time to paint!!!

Since the pandemic, I’ve spent a lot of time working in the clay studio. I love making pots, but the weather is changing, and I’m ready to exercise a different creative part of my brain.

I love to learn and grow through my art. After a couple of years of intensive study and practice in clay, I’m still me, but it’s also made me a new and different artist. I don’t want to go back to painting the way I did 2-3 years ago. I’m excited because I can feel a new way of thinking and creating in my brain, heart and soul. I want to build on what I’ve learned, but also go somewhere I’ve never been before with painting.

These two paintings are the beginning (prints and the originals are available!) . Stay tuned to see where this takes us!!!

UPDATE: The originals are no longer available. Thank you for your support!!!

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SOS Art Human Rights Exhibicion in Cincinnati

I had a wonderful time with my printmaker friends: from Cincinnati AND Oaxaca, Mexico as part of the SOS Art Human Rights/Derechos Humanos collaboration. Thank you so much for including me!

woodcut cover of SOS art human rights by artist ken swinson

Tuve un tiempo maravilloso con mis amigos: de Cincinnati Y Oaxaca, Mexico. Parte de la exhibición de SOS ART derechos Humanos/Human Rights colaboración. Muchas gracias por incluirme!

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snapshots from the 100 cup challenge

I need to practice all the things I learned during my “summer of clay workshops” at Arrowmont. My first project will be to make 100 cups. My goal is to make them all before the end of August, but I like the symbolism of 100 cups in 100 days, so lets make THAT the goal.  

Here are a few cups I have already made. If you are familiar with my work, these forms probably look more refined and less ‘self-taught’! Stay tuned to see what cup #100 looks like. you know what they say about practice makes perfect!

August 2- I had to move things around in my tiny 6x12ft clay studio to make things fit. The new shelf is not as photogenic as my old one, but it holds a LOT more cups! Here are a few of the cups in different stages. My goal is to have enough to fire the kiln next week. I’ll be out of the studio most of today, but I want to get some trimming and handles attached before the day gets started.

100 Cup Challenge UPDATE- August 4

If you caught me throwing cups on the wheel on facebook LIVE this morning, you might remember a curvy, beehive style cup.

I’m sad to announce it lost its battle with gravity, and its final remains will go to the recycle bucket. We already knew that it had some pre existing conditions, so we should be happy that it’s struggle is over. When I tried to flip it over, it wasn’t dry enough to support itself.

Here’s to all the little cups, that don’t make it to the finish line!!! RIP little beehive cup.

We hit a milestone today! Enough finished cups (i think 28?) to have our first kiln firing! If all goes well, we will have some pretty new cups (or a pile of rubble) to enjoy on wednesday! 

I have 31 MORE cups in different stages of completion. I can already tell, this challenge has been good for me. I’m developing a lot of different skills: throwing, trimming, handbuilding, surface design. 

Stay tuned to see what happens!

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25 July 2022-kiln opening

Today the kiln decided to be really nice to me, and didn’t make rubble out of any of the porcelain plates and bowls that I spent so much time to decorate. (none of the plates seemed to warp either. Lots of bears inspired by my summer at Arrowmont. Also a NEW COLOR!!! I little darker than I expected, but I can adjust it to be more of a bluegrass blue!

If you are familiar with me, you know I ONLY sell my pots in person. No online sales, no shipping. If you would like to have one of these (and support my work) come see me this friday (29 July) at the Pendleton Art Center Cincinnati from 5-9pm. I’m at studio 400.

Hope to see you soon!

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Seth Green Spout workshop at Arrowmont

I was very fortunate to spend last week at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts to learn from Seth Green . It was a wild week and felt like pottery boot camp, so i wasn’t able to think much about video storytelling, but did get enough footage with my phone to give you a little peek at what the experience was like.

I cant recommend Arrowmont or Seth’s workshop enough. If you EVER get a chance to do either, DO IT. I can guarantee you will be glad that you did!

Thanks again!