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New Oil Paintings September 2021

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here is a collection of my new

colorful + imaginative  paintings

These paintings are inspired by my life in rural Kentucky

also influenced by my love of color, animals, whimsy, folk art, and abstraction.

When I can’t travel and have to stay home or in studio

there’s an entire world in of imagination that I can explore. Painting in the studio gives me more time to plan and layer the oil colors in a way that isn’t possible compared to when outdoors, working from life.  

click here to see recent paintings created outdoors from life

Working in studio also lets me work BIGGER

These oil on canvas paintings are bigger than the plein air work I shared with you last week.  At the top of this online gallery, I included myself in a photo, to help you get a sense of the SCALE of the artwork. 

Sorry mom for looking so grubby and unprofessional, i took the photo after a long day of setting the gallery up.  I promise to wash my face and wear a tie in my next photo op.”

Art online is nice, but it’s 1000% better in person

If you are willing to wear a mask and comfortable visiting an indoor public space, I would still love to invite you to my studio at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati.  You can see this series AND another series of more abstract and whimsical style paintings IN PERSON on Tuesday and Thursday from 11-7pm the 21st and 23rd of September.  To avoid crowds, appointments are preferred. You can reply to this email to make a reservation, or call/text me at 859.652.3136.

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Another photo of the paintings 

To help you get an idea of what the paintings look like as a group; in relation to each other with a few measurements. Click the image or button below to visit my online (email exclusive until Sunday evening) gallery of the paintings. 

Thank you again for following, encouraging and supporting my artwork.
Enjoy the exhibit, and feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions.


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Kiln Opening 13 September 2021

I’m no good at keeping secrets. My original idea was to keep these new handmade porcelain pottery a secret, and surprise in-person guests to my upcoming hybrid virtual/in-person exhibit at the Pendleton Art Center.

it’s been almost 6 months since my last kiln opening, and I couldn’t wait to show off the latest kiln firing.

I still don’t sell pots online, so you’ll have to come see me in-person to add one to your collection. I try to take the best photos I can, but a pot (especially porcelain) needs to be picked up and held to really ‘know’ if it’s the right one for you. Large plates are $80. Cups and the small sandwich sized plates are $40 each. They will be available to view, along with new paintings, at the Pendleton Art Center September 21 and 23 from 11am-7pm at studio 400 (4th floor) Send an email to make a reservation.

Swipe or click the arrows below to see all the pots

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Virtual/in person exhibit : Part 1 Plein Air Out West

Earlier this summer, I needed a change of scenery, so

I packed my paints and went out WEST

On this trip, I followed the tradition of Plein Air painting

First made famous by the French Impressionists of the 1800s.  Instead of working inside a studio, these paintings were painted outdoors; directly from life.  My ‘studio’ was the wide open spaces of the west.  I did not touch up the paintings afterwards, nor did I use cameras or any other digital tools.  Every stroke of paint was created while standing outside in front of the subject of the painting.  It’s all about capturing the essence of the moment.

For generations, artists have traveled west to paint

Exploring a new, unfamiliar place, with high altitude, wind and a different kind of light and weather brought some challenges, but those challenges are what makes plein air painting so special and fun!  There’s no time to get caught up in details.  The paintings are made up of broad, expressive strokes.  Being in these awesome new places gave me much needed joy and inspiration that I was able to put into the paintings.   

My dream was to hang these together in a group

then invite you all to come see them in person at my studio in Cincinnati. I’m still going to do that, but I want everyone to stay safe during the pandemic, instead of one big opening I’m going to give you the first look through this email. 

Art online is nice, but it’s 1000% better in person

If you are willing to wear a mask and comfortable visiting an indoor public space, I would still love to invite you to my studio at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati.  You can see this series AND another series of more abstract and whimsical style paintings IN PERSON on Tuesday and Thursday from 11-7pm the 21st and 23rd of September.  To avoid crowds, appointments are preferred. You can email to make a reservation, or call/text me at 859.652.3136.

If you were waiting for more abstract, colorful studio paintings,

make sure you have subscribed to my email newsletter and keep an eye on your inbox, I’m working on an email sneak peek: a series of completely different style (and new!) studio paintings. They are in a more colorful, abstract, and whimsical style you may be familiar with.  If you want first ‘dibs’ the email will come out later this week.   

Thanks again for your interest/support of my work. Hope to see you in person soon. Stay safe out there!

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pottery update 23 August 2021

Good morning!

Wanted to check in with you all to let you know I’ve been working hard in the studio.

It’s KILLING ME to have a group of new oil paintings and not be able to show them off (I’ll unveil them All Sept 24th). Here’s a little update on my side project: porcelain. Have a great day!

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Old Washington Block Print Recarve

There’s nothing more agonizing for a printmaker than to carve a detailed block only to discover a TYPO.

I recently did this, and had to re-carve the whole block a second time. The good news is that it looks even better after the second time around AND you can support my work by visiting my website to add one of these note cards to your collection (or send to a friend–it includes an envelope if you want to surprise someone with snail mail)

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Minnie Adkins Day Woodcut print


The third Saturday of July is officially Minnie Adkins Day in Elliott County Kentucky. I’m not ready to do any art shows until September, but Minnie gave me a call and asked if I would come to the annual Folk art show they have on Minnie Adkins Day.

There are just a small handful of people I will never say ‘no’ to, and Minnie is top of that list. I met her over 20 years ago, when I first moved to Kentucky. A dear, dear friend (Bertha), introduced me to Minnie at the Folk Art Shop in Augusta, KY. I could go on and on about important that moment was in developing my art and life philosophy, but I’ll save that for another time.

This Saturday, I’m going to be at Minnie Adkins Day in Sandy Hook, KY. I’m not going to have art for sale, but I’m bringing my old fashioned press, and am going to give a FREE educational printmaking activity! Guests will be invited to print their own 9×12″ woodcut poster, of Minnie Adkins!!! (i asked about the portrait first, and Minnie said she was OK with it)

This is a little bit of a spontaneous project…I’m just starting to carve the woodcut. the design is sketched out, to give you an idea of what it will look like. I wanted to share and give you a heads up as soon as possible, so you have time to free up your weekend and make your plans to come on over to Little Sandy Lodge in Sandy Hook, Elliott County, KY from 8am-4pm this Saturday! Hope to see you there!


i dont have a lot of experience as a portrait artist, so capturing a likeness im satisfied with does not always happen. my first try, green block on top of photo was a failure, but after recarving, this one gets closer to representing the joy and happiness i feel when thinking about Minnie and her art.

my hands are too cramped up to finish today, but i hope to finish and do a test print tomorrow.

Want one of these woodcuts?
you can print one with my old fashioned press as a FREE educational activity during Minnie Adkins Day, this saturday from 8am-4pm. im not going to sell these online or in my studio or galleries, so the only way to get one is to come see me and Minnie and the other folk artists at the Little Sandy Lodge, Sandy Hook KY.


Minnie is such an inspirational artist, friend and arts community leader–I can’t wait for her to see the woodcut I made in her honor. I sure hope she likes it!!!

Everyone is invited to come to Minnie Adkins Day and print this woodcut Saturday, the 17th of July from 8am-4pm (while supplies last) as a FREE educational printmaking activity. I’ll have my old fashioned press, and everything everything else you will need to make one. I’m not selling this woodcut online or in my studio or galleries. If you want one, the only way to get one is to come print it yourself.

of course, Minnie will be there, along with a bunch of her other folk artist friends. Elliott County is a great example of how the arts can thrive in a rural community…come and enjoy a day in the country with us!
See you saturday!

UPDATE July 16, 2021:
ok boys and girls, ive got some bad news…

The weather forecast for tomorrows Minnie Adkins day says its most likely going to be wet. i personally like rainy days, but a lot of moisture makes the metal gears and components of the press to rust, and rust will ruin the press.

Im disappointed that i wont be there to meet you in person and give the free educational hands on printmaking activity. instead, im printing as many Minnie woodcuts as i can today, and will deliver them to sandy hook this evening. i hate to think of any of my friends making the trip for a woodcut and being disappointed. just ask the folks at the lodge about the woodcuts, and they will have one for you…while they last. this gift from me will be my way of being there in spirit and honoring Minnie Adkins on her special day!

Ok, time for me to print!

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Pottery Update – 1 July

I haven’t shared this story because it highlights one of my many shortcomings.

A few months ago, one of my hand made shelves collapsed, causing an overwhelming mess in part of my studio. I cleaned the worst of it, but the whole experience was so discouraging, i left the space in dysfunctional disorder, and decided to just close the door and take a break from making that kind of art (especially since spring had started, and it was time to go outside and paint nature’s beauty!!!)

…well, today, it’s just too hot to go outside and paint, so I’m going to give this part of my studio some TLC, and who knows? maybe I’ll even make something, if i can get this chaos organized in time?

Do any of you remember what I use this space for?!?
Give me some thumbs up and/or cheerful encouragement, if you are happy to see me going back to this kind of art making.
Stay tuned!!!

if you think i am hard to keep up with, JOIN THE CLUB! EVEN I DON’T KNOW what I’m going to do next. 2 days ago, i never would have guessed that I’d have 11 porcelain cups that need trimming and handles…well, if i’m not predictable, at least I hope it’s interesting.

POTTERY UPDATE: they still need some finessing, but all my cups are trimmed and have a handle.

They are all handmade and unique. Which is your favorite form?

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bethel methodist church – slip up, mason county, ky 24 june 2021

this charming little church, sits on top of a hill, just a country mile north of down town slip up kentucky. its going to make a great painting…lets do it!
heres my sketch…lets paint!
heres the underpainting…i did a little bit of squishing, so the barn in the background could fit into the vertical proportion…now it color time!!! theres lots of light this morning, so i think the dominant color today will be YELLOW…stay tuned…these things rarely work out the way i plan, happy surprises happen all the time!
i have some colors down. the painting wants to lean toward green. of course, its summer, and EVERYTHING wants to lean toward green these days.
up to this point, ive only used a #12 flat brush…a pretty big size considering the size of the painting. now im going to switch to a #6 flat, and dive into the details!
bethel methodist church, slip-up, ky oil on hardboard 8×10” UPDATE: This painting found it’s new home!!! Thank you for supporting my work!!!
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mutter gottes kirche covington, ky 22 june 2021

i dont see travel to europe in my near future, fortunately, we have an old german church here in northern ky. im going to try and paint it today
Here’s my sketch…let’s Paint!
this is a tricky the tower, where light hits, its lighter than the sky, but not everywhere… and im tempted to move everything left 2 inches
scooted the church over a few inches…now its color time!!
laying in some colors…time to tackle some of the buildings details…
when im up close, painting, i feel like the painting is failing…but when i take a few steps back and see thebig picture, its actually coming together… thats the nature of an impressionist painting…maybe life too?!
i’m calling this one finished! mother of godchurch, 12×16 oil on hardboard

Want to add this original painting to you art collection? Click below for more information.