Plein Air 2024

Spring is the perfect time of year to take the paints outside and work from nature. There are some challenges trying to paint directly from observation (without cameras or other technology): the changing light forces the artist to work quick and capture the ‘impression’ of the moment.

all works are oil
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πŸ”΄ – indicates painting is no longer available for purchase


πŸ”΄-Poppies –
Maysville Morning Spring
Bridge View – Maysville, kY
oil painting of larkspur
oil painting of tiger lilys
Tiger Lillys
πŸ”΄-Grandma’s House – Concord, KY
Ancestor’s view – Vanceburg, KY
Old Main Street – Old Washington, KY
Sunset Poppies
πŸ”΄-Federal Hill Through Trees

πŸ”΄-Boneyard-Arrowmont, TN
Pendleton-Cincinnati, OH
πŸ”΄-Willow Tree -Old Washington, KY
Pink-Concord, KY
πŸ”΄- Bouquet

πŸ”΄-Market House Theater-Paducah, KY
purple field – mason county ky
toll house-Old Washington, KY
Spring Suffering – Fleming County, KY
still life – silas ridge, ky
Fort Massac, Illinois
πŸ”΄-Federal Hil, Old Washington, KY