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Clay studio update – 16 June 2024

It’s pottery season, so I’ve been busy, here’s a little peek at whats been happening in the clay studio:

I’ve been experimenting with new ways to decorate the surface of my pottery. In particular, I want to carve designs and have more than one color

a group of work in progress porcelain pottery cups. The forms are upside down, four are trimmed, three are untrimmed
work in progress forms without handles in various stages of trimming
4 work in progress cups: a goat, bear, deer and fox eating cherries from a tree

these work in progress cups have painted patterns (3 coats each) and then are carved for more details

two unfired porcelain cups with a cardinal and bear picking cherries

More designs with this technique. I have started to carve into ‘unpainted’ clay in hopes of a variety in the surface once glazed

a photo of eight hand thrown porcelain cups. The handles are rather well attached, considering the artist has spent the last year or two improving his cup handles. There is a wheel in the background.

I just finished assembling these cappuccino or soup style cups. Looking forward to decorating them. The interior is wide enough, there is an opportunity for some artwork!

We are at the beginning of a heatwave here in Kentucky, a great time to work inside and make pots, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Clay studio update – 16 June 2024

  1. when will the cappuccino cups be for purchase???

    1. Thanks for asking! Two (the deer and bunny) made it into my last kiln firing, they *should* – if all goes well – be available on friday or saturday at my studio in Old Washington. I am still working on the rest of the batch, and hope to have another firing in 2 weeks or whenever I can fill the kiln again. Hope to see you soon!

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