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Website Updates

I have had some feedback that my website needed some attention, and the job is so overwhelming to think about, I have’Quietly’ been making some updates to the website.

Most recently: A gallery of plein air paintings from this spring, which you can see by clicking below

I also added photos of the pottery from my most recent kiln firing. Click below to view:

I recently made a commitment to log out from social media -and to check in only one day each week. My goal is to spend more computer time working on this site-and less hanging out on the socials.

I’m actively working on the site, so please feel free to comment with suggestions of what you would like to see on this website in the future.
Thanks for all your support and hanging in there with me!

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First Kiln Firing of the season- 7 June 2024

After a short break, it’s pottery season again!
To celebrate, here’s a gallery showcasing the first batch of pots—most designs are inspired by my cherry tree-and all the critters who ate the cherries while I wasn’t looking.

  • four views of a porcelain bowl. There is a bear picking cherries on the exterior. Red cherries on the interor.
  • Porcelain bowl with bear bird and cherry sgraffito surface design

swipe or use arrows to see all the pots

These cups are all thrown on a wheel with hand carved designs and food/microwave safe porcelain, priced at $50 each. Bowls are $70. Unfortunately these unique pieces are available by in-person sales only.

If you are interested in seeing these (and more) in person, they will be on display at my studio in Old Washington: 2111 Old Main Street, Maysville ky 41056 from 10-3 on friday and saturdays. or at Final Friday at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati, OH

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Photos by Deni Stanev

Always fun to live in a small artsy town! Was asked to make some pots to help with a video project for the city this morning. The wonderful Deni Stanev Photography was on the job, and she shared these photos so I could document my ‘community service’ for the day!

thanks so much Deni for the photos! and thank you Katelyn Bailey for inviting me to be a part of your project!!! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished video!

you can see more of Deni’s Photography at her website:

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Spring Pentaculum 2024 – Arrowmont

I was honored that Mark Errol invited me to Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts for their #springpentaculum2024 . My idea for the residency was to spend the week studying the ‘boneyard’; a library of unglazed pots that have been left behind by previous instructors. When I took this photo, i had just arrived and had a combination of ‘imposter syndrome’ and being a child in a candy store: so many beautiful ceramic objects to explore!!!

It’s impossible to summarize all the growth that I experienced during that week with a social media post, but I’ll just say, the magic of Arrowmont is something you need to experience in person.

I learned a lot about throwing last week at Arrowmont and made a ”few” New forms. I tried to give as many as I could away, but still have these to deal with. They have been fired once, so I can’t use the underglaze techniques Im familiar with. Time for glaze experiments!!!!

A quick plein air study of the ‘boneyard’ at Arrowmont. They have an impressive collection of unglazed pottery that was made by previous instructors–it’s a learning tool for future students (like me!)

More important than the things I learned was the amazing artists I met and now consider friends!
A million thanks to Mark and Arrowmont for this opportunity!

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Lucky Kentucky Derby Cup

it started with this post on social media:
I can’t make any guarantees, but we can all agree, whoever owns this handmade porcelain cup will most likely have the winning horse at tomorrows Derby. If nothing else, they will have a beautiful handmade and functional work of art.

Followed by Kristina Cox being the big winner and owns the lucky horse cup! Thank you so much for your support, and best luck with tomorrow’s derby!!!

I ‘might’ have been bluffing, but it turns out, the Kentucky Derby cup had magic powers all along!!

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Painting With Friends – Federal Hill – 1 May 2024

painting from life – step 1 – work out the composition and values: no colors

step 2 – figure out what colors you want to use, and get them all on the painting- light is changing fast, so you want to capture the moment

step 3 – work out details and keep painting until its finished, OR the light has changed so much its nothing like the painting

every days a good day when you paint 
-Bob Ross

every day is even BETTER when you paint with FRIENDS!!!
-Ken and Dawn Kincaid

Dawn’s painting
Federal Hill
oil on canvas

My painting!!!
Federal Hill
Oil on Canvas

We chose to paint Federal Hill to bring an artistic flair to the upcoming event to help raise funds to restore the historic property.
Some work local artists (left to right)
Sue Ellen Gorman, Dawn Kincaid, Ken Tucky Swinson + Ruvonna Bevard. Hope you can come see the paintings on 11 May at the event!

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Supporting the Preservation of Federal Hill with Art

Making block print notecards with my dear friend, Barb Clarke. The cards will be offered as part of a fundraiser on may 11 at federal hill in old Washington. The historic property will be open to the public with tours and activities.

I also made some cups

and donated this original oil painting

All proceeds will go toward helping with the restoration of the building. Hope you can make it!

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Cincinnati Art Club Sketch Group 30 April 2024

I’ve been studying the portrait and figure on Mondays at the Cincinnati art club…drawing from life (no cameras, transfers, technology or ai). I don’t really want to do portraits, but I DO want to keep improving my craftsmanship as an artist. With the human form, measurements have to be right—they aren’t forgiving like trees or other shapes in nature.

charcoal drawing of woman

I didn’t achieve a 100%likeness but it’s close. looking back at my sketches since joining the group, it’s amazing how much I have improved. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity.

If you think you have ‘plateaued’ as an artist, I encourage you to keep pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. There is always something new to learn.

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First Irises – plein Air 29 April 2024

The evening light is so pretty–and dramatic. Lighting up these seasonally early irises that popped up in my yard.

as if flowers aren’t already hard—oh the translucence of the sun shining through

Here’s the underpainting – i have to work fast while the sun is setting–no time for a composition sketch

I am looking towards the sun, so color choices are really tricky, but I think i have something that will work

oh my gosh!!! that was crazy and fun!!! Painting while looking towards the sun–talk about a chaos palette!!!

First Irises 2024
6×8″ oil on board
Painted by direct observation:
no photos, technology or Ai used