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Cincinnati Art Club Sketch group 10 June 2024

I’ve been drawing from life at the Cincinnati Art Club. I don’t particularly want to draw portraits or figures for my studio work, but the human form is a great way to fine tune my craftsmanship. Working from life (no cameras, computers, Ai) makes it even more of a challenge.

Im noticing that the figure is a bigger challenge for me than a portrait. There are so many things to get right in a figure–one thing slightly ‘off’ and it throws the whole drawing off.

beginning of a charcoal drawing of a man

The measurements were so ‘off’ from the first session, I decided to wipe the drawing away and start over

work in progress photo of a drawing of a man

in the second session, the measurements were a little better, but I’m struggling with foreshortening: when parts of the body go forward or back into space

work in progress of a charcoal drawing of a man

at the end of the third session, i stopped trying to get every measurement perfect, and get the drawing together.

work in progress drawing of a barefoot man sitting

at the end of the final session, I wasn’t completely happy with the figure, but it was a great learning experience!

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