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Cincinnati Art Club Sketch group 10 June 2024

I’ve been drawing from life at the Cincinnati Art Club. I don’t particularly want to draw portraits or figures for my studio work, but the human form is a great way to fine tune my craftsmanship. Working from life (no cameras, computers, Ai) makes it even more of a challenge.

Im noticing that the figure is a bigger challenge for me than a portrait. There are so many things to get right in a figure–one thing slightly ‘off’ and it throws the whole drawing off.

beginning of a charcoal drawing of a man

The measurements were so ‘off’ from the first session, I decided to wipe the drawing away and start over

work in progress photo of a drawing of a man

in the second session, the measurements were a little better, but I’m struggling with foreshortening: when parts of the body go forward or back into space

work in progress of a charcoal drawing of a man

at the end of the third session, i stopped trying to get every measurement perfect, and get the drawing together.

work in progress drawing of a barefoot man sitting

at the end of the final session, I wasn’t completely happy with the figure, but it was a great learning experience!

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Cincinnati Art Club Sketch Group 30 April 2024

I’ve been studying the portrait and figure on Mondays at the Cincinnati art club…drawing from life (no cameras, transfers, technology or ai). I don’t really want to do portraits, but I DO want to keep improving my craftsmanship as an artist. With the human form, measurements have to be right—they aren’t forgiving like trees or other shapes in nature.

charcoal drawing of woman

I didn’t achieve a 100%likeness but it’s close. looking back at my sketches since joining the group, it’s amazing how much I have improved. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity.

If you think you have ‘plateaued’ as an artist, I encourage you to keep pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. There is always something new to learn.

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Cincinnati Art Club Sketch Group 18 March 2024

I was late to sketch group at the Cincinnati Art Club today…which means all the good views of the model were already taken.

One of the views left had an extreme amount of foreshortening. That’s when things point toward (or away from) the viewer. The model (Kathryn HintonMasks Of The Soul–one of my favorite models) was reclining away from me, with her leg and foot pointing toward the viewer.

No one setup in that spot, because it’s EXTREMELY difficult to draw this amount of foreshortening. (not to mention she was backlit)

I’ve been drawing with the sketch group, because I want to get better at drawing what I see (without cameras or technology) This was absolutely the most difficult drawing I have ever done…EVER.

It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with how much of the foreshortening I was able to achieve. Maybe next time I’ll be late again—the difficult views are what push me into being a better artist!

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Happy St. Pat’s Day! – the good fruit

I’m learning how to work with colored pencils, and am experimenting with limited palettes. Although it wasn’t intentional, this drawing is a perfect way to celebrate St. Pats day, as it only uses 4 colors: 3 of them are green, and an India red.

Polychromos by Faber Castell
205 Cadmium Yellow Lemon
170 May Green
159 Hooker’s Green
192 India Red

If you are interested in supporting my work, you can get more information about this drawing here:

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Serenade – colored pencil drawing

Inspired by the idea that: If you have a talent, you should share it with your friends.

This is an interesting drawing for me, because it was my first since spending a few weeks working on a series of block prints. also, this uses a minimal color scheme. Only 5 colors: 3 different blues, a yellow and brown.

Polychromos by FaberCastell
154 light cobalt turquoise
153 cobalt turquoise
246 prussian blue
183 light yellow ochre
283 burnt sienna

I’m selling the original drawing* and prints in my Colored Pencil gallery. you can see them all here.

*while available

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Dreams of Flight

Dreams of flight

I learn something new about colored pencil with each drawing. Today’s lesson involved layering colors.

Polychromos by FaberCastell
185 Naples Yellow
168 Earth Green Yellowish
156 Cobalt Green
158 Deep Cobalt Green
280 Burnt Umber
172 Earth Green
232 Cool Grey III

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toot your own horn!

Sometimes you have to toot your own horn!

Colored Pencil drawing with
Faber Castell Polychromos

231 Cold Grey II
185 Naples Yellow
186 Terracotta
130 Salmon
133 Magenta
145 Light Pthalo Blue
246 Prussian Blue
283 Burnt Sienna