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Cincinnati Art Club Sketch Group 18 March 2024

I was late to sketch group at the Cincinnati Art Club today…which means all the good views of the model were already taken.

One of the views left had an extreme amount of foreshortening. That’s when things point toward (or away from) the viewer. The model (Kathryn HintonMasks Of The Soul–one of my favorite models) was reclining away from me, with her leg and foot pointing toward the viewer.

No one setup in that spot, because it’s EXTREMELY difficult to draw this amount of foreshortening. (not to mention she was backlit)

I’ve been drawing with the sketch group, because I want to get better at drawing what I see (without cameras or technology) This was absolutely the most difficult drawing I have ever done…EVER.

It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with how much of the foreshortening I was able to achieve. Maybe next time I’ll be late again—the difficult views are what push me into being a better artist!

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