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New Painting – Under The Pear Tree

abstract folk art style painting of a goat standing under a pear tree. A bird is standing on the goat's horn talking to another bird standing in the tree.

it’s been awhile since I’ve painted on canvas, so I’m super excited to show off my latest acrylic painting:

Under the Pear Tree 14″x34″ Acrylic on canvas.

The Original is not available until tomorrow (Friday 28 April 2023) from 5-9pm at The Pendleton Art Center, but signed cotton rag archival prints are available online now. Click the image for more details.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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Midnight Snack Pigs in Corn – New Acrylic painting!

it’s been awhile since I’ve painted on canvas, so I’m super excited to show off my latest acrylic painting: Midnight Snack: Pigs In Corn. After working in colored pencils, this feels big- 18″x36″ inches. If this is something that you might like to have for your art collection, the original will be available for view (and sale) next friday, 28 April 2023 at the Pendleton Art Center! I’m also selling prints on 100% cotton rag paper with archival inks right now. Stay tuned, more coming soon!

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Birds And Blossoms limited edition linocut print

printmaking studio with handmade wood etching press

It’s nice to be back home and in my studio (with my rusty/trusty press!

carved linocut of birds in a flowering tree. ready to ink

I just finished carving a spring inspired linocut, and am ready to print

cotton paper with an embossing after going through the press

I’m printing with a slightly different technique; using cotton paper and etching blankets.
This creates a beautiful embossing on the back of the paper after going through the press.

Just in time for spring!
Birds and Blossoms

Limited Edition (45) block print with dark blue ink on 100% cotton paper.  Hand printed with an old fashioned press.  Signed and numbered edition of 45.  Artwork is 6×8″  on an  8×10″ sheet of 100% acid free cotton paper.

There is a some slight variation with the ink color and texture, this is due to the handcrafted nature of printmaking, and part of what makes prints special.

Free Shipping to the USA

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Human Rights Portfolio exhibit at IAGO Oaxaca

A quick walkthough of the SOS Art Human Rights Portfolio. Sorry about the glare on the artwork and rushing through the exhibit. Although i was there at a slow time of the day, i still did not want to be a distraction to the people enjoying the show. Hopefully the video gives you an idea of the presentation and the space for the exhibit.

This Portfolio of Woodcut Prints on “Human Rights” is a project of SOS ART in collaboration with Taller Burro Press in Oaxaca, Mexico. It consists of 25 prints by 12 artists from Oaxaca and 12 artists from Cincinnati, each addressing one of 12 human rights, and the 25th print, the title page, created by an artist from Cincinnati.

The purpose of the portfolio was to challenge artists to create images and messages around human rights through a collaborative process across different cultures; also to raise funds for both SOS ART and Taller Burro Press for their current and future projects.

you can read more about the project, and take a better look at the artwork here:

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Happy St. Pat’s Day! – the good fruit

I’m learning how to work with colored pencils, and am experimenting with limited palettes. Although it wasn’t intentional, this drawing is a perfect way to celebrate St. Pats day, as it only uses 4 colors: 3 of them are green, and an India red.

Polychromos by Faber Castell
205 Cadmium Yellow Lemon
170 May Green
159 Hooker’s Green
192 India Red

If you are interested in supporting my work, you can get more information about this drawing here:

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Serenade – colored pencil drawing

Inspired by the idea that: If you have a talent, you should share it with your friends.

This is an interesting drawing for me, because it was my first since spending a few weeks working on a series of block prints. also, this uses a minimal color scheme. Only 5 colors: 3 different blues, a yellow and brown.

Polychromos by FaberCastell
154 light cobalt turquoise
153 cobalt turquoise
246 prussian blue
183 light yellow ochre
283 burnt sienna

I’m selling the original drawing* and prints in my Colored Pencil gallery. you can see them all here.

*while available

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Crows And Corn

Handprinted linocut on kozo banan fiber paper

With only two weeks left of my residency in Oaxaca, I have reopened my website’s gallery and would like to offer you the opportunity to support my work by adding one of the prints from this project to your art collection. Pre-orders are now open on my website and I will ship them out during the first week of April.

Thanks everyone for your support!