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An artist collaboration and opportunity to support Maysville Empty Bowls

I have been experimenting with ways to print on porcelain. After firing, I sent my VERY FIRST porcelain test tile to the Kentucky artist, Greta Gundersen. She assembled a beautiful necklace with a black cord, silver beads, jump ring, clasp and few of my other handmade porcelain beads.

I LOVE it! It’s beautiful and unique. Neither of us wear jewelry. It’s a fun and experimental work, and we don’t want to sell it. Greta and I thought we could give the necklace away as a way to help raise money and awareness for Maysville’s annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser.

Empty Bowls is a grassroots movement by artists and crafts people in cities and towns around the world to raise money for food related charities to care for and feed the hungry in their communities.  Last year, Maysville’s Empty Bowls raised $7200 for the Mason County Food Bank.

If you would like a chance to win the necklace and/or support Maysville Empty Bowls, You can use the ‘add to cart’ button to make a contribution. For every $5 contribution, we will put your name in the 14 April 2022 drawing for the Ken/Greta’s jewelry collaboration. (If you contribute $20, we will enter your name 4 times, etc.)

This is just for fun. Neither of us are going to profit in any way from this. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Maysville Empty Bowls.

Thanks for supporting Maysville Empty Bowls, and good luck!

UPDATE: we raised a total of $115 for Maysville Empty Bowls, and the winner of the jewelry was:

Congratulations Sara! Thank you EVERYONE for supporting Empty Bowls!

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Daffodils in Augusta with friends

In Augusta, KY, getting ready to paint Dafodyls with my Plein air buddy Sue Ellen Gorman
Here’s my underpainting. Color time!
Working on the colors…it’s at that difficult stage. Time to pull it all together
I am really struggling. Don’t let these innocent looking flowers fool you. They are little yellow monsters.
A day painting is never a waste of time..

Enjoyed being outside with friends. Didn’t get a painting, but learned a lot about what NOT to do when painting flowers.

I’m sorry if I upset any of you when I shared yesterday’s video of me wiping the painting from the canvas. I fail at paintings ALL THE TIME, and I’m used to it. I know a lot of people never give themselves a chance to take a risk and develop as artists, because they think everything they do has to be perfect–or don’t make anything at all. sure, it feels great when a painting succeeds, but the failures are where I learn and grow as an artist.

On a more cheery note, here are more pictures from the same day. Honestly, I could have painted the Sistine chapel, but nothing is more valuable to me than a sunny spring day outside visiting with long time artist friends. Thanks Elizabeth Kordis Laskey and Sue Ellen Gorman for sharing the day with me!

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I believe that art is for everyone. I love to see my art being shared and part of everyday life. Stickers are fun because it’s a way to put art on all sorts of things: notebook, thermos, car, guitar cover, skateboard, etc. 

These stickers are all printed on vinyl with an outdoor durable ink. They should not fade in rain, snow and sunlight.

You can see the latest stickers in the STICKER section of the PRINTMAKING menu, or scroll below.

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3 Goats – New Woodcut – and a little website housekeeping

I’m excited that printmaking season is here!
3 Goats

woodcut of 3 goats jumping around hills by kentucky artist ken swinson

It’s a nice sized woodcut (20inches wide!) and the blue looks wonderful with this design!
I’m offering them for $45 right now.
Click the image above for a better look and more details on how to order.

Now, the housekeeping part:
If you visit the PRINTMAKING section of my gallery, you probably noticed that a lot of pieces are no longer on display.
To welcome the new printmaking season, I retired the majority of older prints–to make room for the new!
Stay tuned! there’s more coming soon!

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Kiln Firing 6 February 2022

I just opened the kiln–i had some wonderful goodies, like these little cream pitchers. I don’t know why they got me so excited, but they sure are cute!

Another exciting thing is that I’ve ben experimenting with greens, and have some new results.

Here’s a gallery that shows EVERYTHING that was in today’s firing.
Click the arrows or swipe to see all the different pieces from the firing

if you are looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift, one of these pots might be the perfect thing for you!

I don’t ship or sell online. Pottery should be seen (and picked up) in person before you can truly know if it’s ‘the one’ for you. You can see them in person this Wednesday (February 9th) from noon- 6pm at my studio (studio 400) at the Pendleton Art Center in downtown Cincinnati. Contact me me for more information–or you can visit this facebook link to RSVP:

All pots are porcelain, lead free, food safe, and can be used in the microwave

Prices for your reference:

Cream Pitchers$25
Cups and Side plates $40
Spice Jars are no longer available

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Kiln Opening 20 January 2022-first fire of the year!

If today’s kiln opening (the first of 2022) is any indicator of what the new year is going to bring-it’s going to be a great year!!!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so I made plenty of red and love themed pots. They would make the perfect gift for that special someone who appreciates a hard carved one of a kind work of art that can be used everyday to eat or drink.

Click the arrows or swipe to see all the different pieces from the firing

I don’t ship or sell online. Pottery should be seen (and picked up) in person before you can truly know if it’s ‘the one’ for you. Come visit my porch in Old Washington, Kentucky to see them in person! 

All pots are porcelain. They are lead free, food safe, and can be used in the microwave

Prices for your reference:

Cups or side plates$40
Spice Jar $60
Plates $100


As an artist, sometimes there’s a conflict between my creative ideas and REALITY. I’ve had to accept that the front porch idea loses its charm in winter. It’s too cold, and I don’t feel right encouraging people to take an unnecessary long drive in the country during winter.

HERES MY NEW PLAN: The porch will be open over the weekend, but after that, I’m bringing all the pottery to my studio at the Pendleton Art Center Cincinnati. I’ll be there once a week (still deciding the date-probably Wednesdays – what week day works for you?), you’ll be able to visit and take your time while looking at the different pots (and other art) in a heated space.

Sorry for the abrupt pivot, and hope to see you soon!!!

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Kiln Opening 28 November 2021

Another Great Kiln Firing! Jugs with long necks (perfect for olive oil or vinegar), Bowls and cups with a new pear design, and tiny little cream pitchers in a beautiful deep blue. All hand thrown porcelain, Signed (with a date) by the artist. Lead free, Food and Microwave Safe.

I don’t ship or sell online. Pottery should be seen (and picked up) in person before you can truly know if it’s ‘the one’ for you. Come visit my porch in Old Washington, Kentucky to see them in person!

Swipe or click the arrows below to see all the different images:

  • Pear Bowl Blue
  • Pear Tree Cup
  • Single Cream Jug - Flowers

Prices for your reference:

Jugs $60
Full Size Bowls $45
Cups $40
Berry Bowls, Saucers and Small Jugs $25

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Kiln Opening 23 October 2021

It’s been a long time since i’ve had two kiln firings in one week, but I’ve been busy in the clay studio, making lots of shining new porcelain pieces!

This firing was unique, because it’s the first time i’ve made cups without handles. They are great for juice, soda, mixed drinks or your favorite Kentucky made spirits on the rocks.

I don’t sell pots online, you need to see these in person and hold them in your hands before making a selection. I’ll have them on my front porch in Old Washington tomorrow (monday October 25) after 10am. Please stop by to pick one for your collection and to support one of your favorite artist/potters.

Pottery prices for your reference:
saucers: $25
cups without handles: $30
cups with handles: $40
bowl with oak branch: $45

swipe or click the arrows below to see al the pots from the firing.

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New Oil Paintings September 2021

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is banner2-1024x316.jpg

here is a collection of my new

colorful + imaginative  paintings

These paintings are inspired by my life in rural Kentucky

also influenced by my love of color, animals, whimsy, folk art, and abstraction.

When I can’t travel and have to stay home or in studio

there’s an entire world in of imagination that I can explore. Painting in the studio gives me more time to plan and layer the oil colors in a way that isn’t possible compared to when outdoors, working from life.  

click here to see recent paintings created outdoors from life

Working in studio also lets me work BIGGER

These oil on canvas paintings are bigger than the plein air work I shared with you last week.  At the top of this online gallery, I included myself in a photo, to help you get a sense of the SCALE of the artwork. 

Sorry mom for looking so grubby and unprofessional, i took the photo after a long day of setting the gallery up.  I promise to wash my face and wear a tie in my next photo op.”

Art online is nice, but it’s 1000% better in person

If you are willing to wear a mask and comfortable visiting an indoor public space, I would still love to invite you to my studio at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati.  You can see this series AND another series of more abstract and whimsical style paintings IN PERSON on Tuesday and Thursday from 11-7pm the 21st and 23rd of September.  To avoid crowds, appointments are preferred. You can reply to this email to make a reservation, or call/text me at 859.652.3136.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wall2-1024x335.jpg

Another photo of the paintings 

To help you get an idea of what the paintings look like as a group; in relation to each other with a few measurements. Click the image or button below to visit my online (email exclusive until Sunday evening) gallery of the paintings. 

Thank you again for following, encouraging and supporting my artwork.
Enjoy the exhibit, and feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions.