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snapshots from the 100 cup challenge

I need to practice all the things I learned during my “summer of clay workshops” at Arrowmont. My first project will be to make 100 cups. My goal is to make them all before the end of August, but I like the symbolism of 100 cups in 100 days, so lets make THAT the goal.  

Here are a few cups I have already made. If you are familiar with my work, these forms probably look more refined and less ‘self-taught’! Stay tuned to see what cup #100 looks like. you know what they say about practice makes perfect!

August 2- I had to move things around in my tiny 6x12ft clay studio to make things fit. The new shelf is not as photogenic as my old one, but it holds a LOT more cups! Here are a few of the cups in different stages. My goal is to have enough to fire the kiln next week. I’ll be out of the studio most of today, but I want to get some trimming and handles attached before the day gets started.

100 Cup Challenge UPDATE- August 4

If you caught me throwing cups on the wheel on facebook LIVE this morning, you might remember a curvy, beehive style cup.

I’m sad to announce it lost its battle with gravity, and its final remains will go to the recycle bucket. We already knew that it had some pre existing conditions, so we should be happy that it’s struggle is over. When I tried to flip it over, it wasn’t dry enough to support itself.

Here’s to all the little cups, that don’t make it to the finish line!!! RIP little beehive cup.

We hit a milestone today! Enough finished cups (i think 28?) to have our first kiln firing! If all goes well, we will have some pretty new cups (or a pile of rubble) to enjoy on wednesday! 

I have 31 MORE cups in different stages of completion. I can already tell, this challenge has been good for me. I’m developing a lot of different skills: throwing, trimming, handbuilding, surface design. 

Stay tuned to see what happens!

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