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November work in progress

threw some cups on the wheel, and added their handles
some work in progress: red stoneware. I’m painting the exterior with white slip. will carve line designs that allow the red clay to show through.
I was able to carve 4 of the 5 cups with bunny horse and bird designs. Now the cups will dry and go into the kiln for a bisque firing. After that
I bisque fired 3 cups then painted colors with thinned underglaze…layering them like i would watercolors.
Then dipped the cups in a clear glaze–now firing them to cone 6.
Should have test final results tomorrow. The colors should be a LOT more vivid. This is a new technique for me, so I’m looking forward to learning how these materials behave.

stay tuned to see how they look after glaze firing!

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