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a smooth way to transition between colors on a mesh?

I’m learning Blender, and starting to add color. I’m trying to figure out how to create a soft line between 2 different colors on the same mesh.  The best solution I have come up with is to make a UV map, then brush the color by hand.


I’d like a simpler solution. Drawing on the UV map is close, but I would like the transition to be smoother. For example, I don’t want the texture that you see between the bird’s beak and body.

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3D scene with goat, birds, and lighting

I’m continuing to learn 3D modeling with Blender. For this project, I modeled a bird and house, and arranged them with my goat into a little scene.


I’m not comfortable thinking in 3D yet, so after struggling for awhile, I came up with this simple bird shape. This is pretty close to what I wanted.  I still might do some work on the shape of the wings.


I rendered the scene a second time with all of the characters ‘smooth’ instead of showing the geometry. I like both effects, and can’t choose which I like better.


So, that’s my progress report for learning 3D! I really like the way it makes me think about space much different from when I am working on a 2D painting.

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3D goat

I am learning 3D modelling with an open source program called Blender. It’s more like sculpting than drawing, and is helping me think about the volume of objects, and how they fit in space.


It’s also like photography, you need to think about camera angles, and the way light affects your subject:


For this model, I used the artwork that I made in Marcos Lucero’s stencil class. It was a good exercise taking my 2d work, and interpreting it into 3D.