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Flower Paint day with Rob and Dawn in Old Washington

I like to meet friends to paint on wednesdays. it’s been too hot to paint outside, so we have been painting florals.

kentucky artist, ken swinson painting a floral arrangement

I have always painted from life using the ‘indirect painting method’, where I have a monochrome underpainting, to establish values, then cover it with color after the values are all worked out. I like that style and separating the two (value and color) but with oils, the underpainting will soften the vibrance of the colors. I like that effect for most subjects, but flowers are all about the COLOR, and I wanted to try and make my colors brighter.

I decided to paint small, so that I could learn the new technique fast. Here is my first painting of hibiscus flowers.
It felt very strange to work on a white panel, mixing color and value at the same time, but I’m happy with how it turned out!

my second painting was of an arrangement with butterfly bush and queen anne’s lace. Now that I am over the shock of mixing and applying paint different, I’m excited to keep exploring this technique!

My friends:

Rob Weingartner

Dawn Kincaid

Thanks so much Dawn, for putting the beautiful still lives together–and thanks both of you for the wonderful day of painting!!!

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