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Kiln Firing 6 February 2022

I just opened the kiln–i had some wonderful goodies, like these little cream pitchers. I don’t know why they got me so excited, but they sure are cute!

Another exciting thing is that I’ve ben experimenting with greens, and have some new results.

Here’s a gallery that shows EVERYTHING that was in today’s firing.
Click the arrows or swipe to see all the different pieces from the firing

if you are looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift, one of these pots might be the perfect thing for you!

I don’t ship or sell online. Pottery should be seen (and picked up) in person before you can truly know if it’s ‘the one’ for you. You can see them in person this Wednesday (February 9th) from noon- 6pm at my studio (studio 400) at the Pendleton Art Center in downtown Cincinnati. Contact me me for more information–or you can visit this facebook link to RSVP:

All pots are porcelain, lead free, food safe, and can be used in the microwave

Prices for your reference:

Cream Pitchers$25
Cups and Side plates $40
Spice Jars are no longer available

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Cardinal Greenware Jar

Earlier today, i did a live stream on facebook, where i carved this jar. It went over an hour, and I had to take a break without finishing the carving.

It still needs to be fired and glazed, but here is the finished carving for those who wanted to see how it turned out.

Thanks everyone who was able to tune in and hang out in the studio earlier today.

Stay tuned to see how it turns out. The finished pot will be translucent white porcelain with bright red designs.

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Multi-screen throwing pottery

I tried something a little different during today’s facebook live stream: multi cameras

The LIVE stream had two cameras at once-one side view, one overhead view. Hopefully watching the two different angles help get an idea of what the hands are doing when i throw pottery on the wheel.

Here’s a sped up playback of one of the pots I threw, to give you an idea of what it looked like.

Thanks again to those who joined me during the live stream!

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Tree of LOVE – Work In Progress

The other day, I made a LIVE facebook video while carving a cup. Here’s a sped up playback for those who missed it, or don’t have the time to watch an HOUR of carving.It’s a tree filled with birds and heart shaped fruit. Hope to have it fired in time for valentine’s day.

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Carving Cardinals Into A Porcelain Cup

I usually speed up videos of me working (because the process takes so long-and attention spans) but challenged myself to NOT speed anything up; instead, edit in a way that tells the story of decorating a porcelain cup WHILE keeping it under a minute in length. Hope you all are staying warm and enjoying the snow (if you were lucky enough to get some) have a great weekend!