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Some of my workshop pots with Mark Errol’s Colored spots technique

two shelves with colorful pottery cups. 2 framed linocut prints are hanging over the shelves

It’s been an action packed August so far. After 2 weeks making pots at Arrowmont (instead of painting) – i decided to re install a couple shelves at my studio at the Pendleton Art Center. If you have been looking for some pottery, I’ll have some new ones on the 25th at Final Friday.

If you’d like a better look at my mini test firing of the cups I made at Mark Errol’s workshop-using his technique. swipe or click the arrows in the slideshow below

  • a colorful cup with rainbows and rain clouds
  • a white cup with a bear playing banjo-rainbows in the background
  • a colorful handmade cup with water, rainclouds and birds
  • a colorful cup with rainclouds rainbows and birds
  • a colorful cup with lots of blue and a rainbow
  • a colorful cup with clouds
  • a colorful cup with clouds
  • a colorful cup with birds and rainbows
  • A red stoneware cup with white slip and a goat decal

Thanks again Mark for all the new surface design techniques! Was happy to see that your clear looks great on the red clay body I’m currently using.

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