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Kiln Opening – 27 Dec 2023

I opened my kiln yesterday, and made this super short animated video to celebrating the event!

Click above to watch

Since Dec 15th, I’ve been logged out of social media. I miss my friends, but the break has been really good for me. If you want to say hi, please don’t be shy about using the comment button below, I’m starving to hear from you all and promise to reply!

Looking forward to a creative 2024!!!

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Multi-screen throwing pottery

I tried something a little different during today’s facebook live stream: multi cameras

The LIVE stream had two cameras at once-one side view, one overhead view. Hopefully watching the two different angles help get an idea of what the hands are doing when i throw pottery on the wheel.

Here’s a sped up playback of one of the pots I threw, to give you an idea of what it looked like.

Thanks again to those who joined me during the live stream!

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Carving Cardinals Into A Porcelain Cup

I usually speed up videos of me working (because the process takes so long-and attention spans) but challenged myself to NOT speed anything up; instead, edit in a way that tells the story of decorating a porcelain cup WHILE keeping it under a minute in length. Hope you all are staying warm and enjoying the snow (if you were lucky enough to get some) have a great weekend!

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Carving A Cup – Live Broadcast replay

Yesterday, i made a live Facebook video while working in the clay studio. The magic of live is that we are together at the same moment. 2+ hour replays don’t make sense, once it’s over, so i took the video down.

I DID mix some of the highlights while carving 

If you like Hanging out live, look out for another one today while i set my exhibit up at the Pendleton art center.

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pottery update 23 August 2021

Good morning!

Wanted to check in with you all to let you know I’ve been working hard in the studio.

It’s KILLING ME to have a group of new oil paintings and not be able to show them off (I’ll unveil them All Sept 24th). Here’s a little update on my side project: porcelain. Have a great day!

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Old Washington Block Print Recarve

There’s nothing more agonizing for a printmaker than to carve a detailed block only to discover a TYPO.

I recently did this, and had to re-carve the whole block a second time. The good news is that it looks even better after the second time around AND you can support my work by visiting my website to add one of these note cards to your collection (or send to a friend–it includes an envelope if you want to surprise someone with snail mail)