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Washington Hall – linocut block print

greetings from the log cabin print shop in Historic old washington, ky! today, we are going to take a sketch from spring, and fine tune it into a design for a notecard.

design transferred to linoleum. now time for the fun part: carving!

this one has some details…thank goodness for my tiny little gouge.
carving text is the WORST! especially o’s. grateful that guttenburg invented “movable type” so printers wouldnt have to carve every letter…unless they want to be fancy, like me. lol!
finished carving…with 10 minutes to spare! should we do a test proof?
ok! lets mix some ink and see what we’ve done!
hot off the press!  
washington hall – old washington, ky

click the link below for a better look and more information- if you’d like to add one of these linocut notecards to your art collection

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