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Kiln Opening 24 November 2021

This firing was exciting because I fired 2 new forms: Jugs and little side dish bowls. The jugs are about 5 1/2 inches tall. The bowls are about 2 inches tall with about 4 inch diameter. A perfect size for ice cream, or a side dish of peas or beans.

The beautiful thing about black and white porcelain is that it looks great no matter where you use it. If you have been looking for some pots with COLOR: I have some deep cobalt blue cups, and one side dish bowl.

All of these pots are handmade porcelain, with my signature and date carved in the bottom. They are food safe and can be used in the microwave. Swipe or click the arrows below to see all the pots from today’s firing

  • Blue Horse Cup

I don’t sell pots online, you need to see these in person and hold them in your hands before making a selection. I’ll have them on my front porch in Old Washington. Please stop to see them in person and support one of your favorite potters. Please contact me by email: if you are going to make a special trip–especially if it’s for something in particular…i’d hate to miss you!

Pottery prices for your reference:
saucer or side dish bowls: $25
cups: $40
jugs: $60
plates: $80

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