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Kiln Opening 12 November 2021

I’ve had really good luck lately, with multiple kiln firings that have zero losses.

Today, the kiln gods decided to cut me down a notch. I had a large blue chicken plate, where the clear glaze was too thick and got cloudy. it’ll look nice in my garden/pottery graveyard.

Another pot, had a s-crack—those pesky cracks on the bottom of a pot that happen from time to time. The crack did not go all the way through, so it’s a completely usable cup…just not perfect. It’ll end up on the half price table.

Out of 24 new pots, only 2 had flaws, so I’m still grateful its going so well. Clay (especially porcelain) will do weird things when it goes through the firing process. swipe or click the arrows below to see the rest of the pots from today’s firing.

I don’t sell pots online, you need to see these in person and hold them in your hands before making a selection. I’ll have them on my front porch in Old Washington. Please stop to see them in person and support one of your favorite potters. Please contact me by email: if you are going to make a special trip–especially if it’s for something in particular…i’d hate to miss you!

Pottery prices for your reference:
saucer: $25
cups without handles: $30
cups with handles: $40
bowls: $45

2 thoughts on “Kiln Opening 12 November 2021

  1. I need to make a stop, the cat/bird cup is calling my name.

    1. Thank you! Come on over!!! I’ll be home all day saturday (nov 13th) It would be good to see you. I’ll make tea!

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