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Kiln Opening 20 October 2021

I just opened the kiln and have some beautiful new porcelain pottery!!!

This firing was unique, because I had a request from a very very special friend for a 20oz cup with handle. I made 7 large cups that hold 20 oz volume (or more). Don’t fall in love, because the friend gets to pick their cup first. BUT DON’T LOSE hope, because there will be 6 unchosen large mugs looking for their home.

I still don’t sell pots online, because I believe potter should be picked up and held to really know if it’s *the one* for you. However for this kiln load, I’m packing these pots up and taking them to LOUISVILLE, KY. If you live in that area, and would like to see them in person, you are in luck! i’ll be at the Thurman-Hutchins park…right across from Cox Park. If you take the Zorn ave exit from 71 south, take a right on river road, then the park is almost the very next right. I’ll be there from Saturday the 23rd of October from 11am-1pm. I’ll have a butane stove, and different teas, so you try a cup of tea from one of these porcelain cups while we visit.

Pottery prices for your reference:
saucers: $25
cups or the small bowl: $40
large cups: $55
large bowl: $80

Swipe or click the arrows below to see all the pots from the firing.

4 thoughts on “Kiln Opening 20 October 2021

  1. These are wonderful!!

    1. Thanks Beth! Hope you get a chance to see them (and ME!) in person this Saturday!

  2. Oh my days!!!! What a great group. I love them all. You must be very proud of this crop. ❤️

    1. Thank you! I am thrilled! After much trial and error, i am starting to feel like I somewhat understand porcelain and what it will/won’t let me do. With a better grasp of the technical stuff, now i’m having fun! I have a second batch firing right now!!! Should have more pots Saturday or Sunday. Stay tuned!

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