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Kiln Opening 7 October 2021

I just opened the kiln, and have some pretty new porcelain pots!!! I’m trying to learn the teacup and saucer form. I’m in love with the first results.

I still don’t sell pots online, so you’ll have to come see me in-person to add one to your collection. I try to take the best photos I can, but a pot (especially porcelain) needs to be picked up and held to really ‘know’ if it’s the right one for you. Large plates and the bowl are $80. Cups and the small sandwich sized plates are $40 each. Saucers are $25.

This firing had a few special request surprise gifts, so I haven’t included them in the slideshow,

Swipe or click the arrows below to see all the pots

2 thoughts on “Kiln Opening 7 October 2021

  1. A great looking collection Ken!

    1. Thanks Mike!!!!

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