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Grow Through What You Go Through Woodcut

I read this quote and it resonated with me at this moment in history. I decided to use it to make a woodcut. Scroll down to see the different parts of the process.

doodle of saying: go through what you go through
sketch for woodcut idea

photo of design on tracing paper for a woodcut print
design with more detail drawn on tracing paper
tracing design from paper to block of wood for woodcut printmaking
tracing paper used to flip and transfer design onto wood block
painting a sealer over woodcut before carving
wood block tinted orange (to make it easier to see cuts) then coated with a sealer
first quarter section of woodcut carved - work in progress
one quarter finished with the carving process
woodcut block carved and ready to print
The finished block-I decided to print on green paper
mixing green ink for woodcut print
mixing a dark green ink
rolling ink on the woodcut print
rolling ink onto the block
test proof for woodcut print
the test proof
touch up carving woodcut printmaking
fixing some of parts of the block for the final proof
finished prints hanging to dry
the finished print and proofs, hanging to dry

The finished Woodcut! You can add one to your print collection (and support my work!) by clicking below

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