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Spring Suffering – plein air – 19 March 2024

The march trend in Kentucky seems to be: either no wind and no sun, or sun with lots of wind!

I’m in Flemingsburg hoping to catch this sun without being Carried off to munchkin land!

Wish me luck!

sorry for no sketch…was busy chasing this palette before it floated into the creek! I have an ok underpainting. Let’s get some color out!

If you are the kind of person who likes your artists to suffer for their art, you’ll LOVE this painting. Other than being happy to paint sunshine, this has been a miserable experience. ive had too keep my left hand (freezing) in n the palette, to keep it from blowing away. ok, enough crybaby me…let’s get back to work!!!

Spring suffering 8×10 oil on canvas

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Painting at Blevins Daylilly Farm 17 March 2024

My neighbors at Blevins Daylily Farm gave me permission to paint some of their daffodils. I’m so honored to be here. Hope to capture some of the natural beauty that surrounds me right now

Here’s my sketch. Flowers painting is a whole other ballgame. My first try for the season. Let’s dive in and paint!!!

The values are worked out. Color time! Hope I brought enough YELLOW!!!

Aaah, the artists life! what In the world was I thinking when I chose to work in this position?!?!

Well, this is not the first time daffodils have been my ruination. I had a lot of fun, but between the moving light, flowers constantly moving in the wind…and my poor choice of posture. Those flowers broke me, lol!

I’m not one to give up. I’m going to try again, but will pick a better time of day and perspective.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Thanks again Dana and Susie for letting me paint your flowers!

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Vanceburg, KY – ancestors view plein air 16 March 2024

Greetings from the Woodlawn Cemetery in vanceburg ky! Some of the lewis county ancestors are tricksters: knocked my paint box down with the wind. I’m going to be respectful and hope they will let me get a painting!

Here’s my sketch with the composition: going to try and get the whole bend in the river with town in the foreground, mountains in the background

I have my values worked out. Time for color!

mid day isn’t the best time for dramatc colors, but I have a color harmony worked out. now it’s detail time

Still working. Can’t say my office doesnt have a nice view

Vanceburg-ancestors view march 2024.

8×10 oil on panel

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Taylor’s Corner On A Grey Day In March 2024 – plein air

Greetings from historic old Washington. It’s been wet all day, and I wasn’t sure if I’d get a chance to catch a painting. These trees are demanding to be painted.

Working the values out: tricky on an overcast day, with dark brick, white brick and blossoms

I’m going to call this the awkward teenager stage. I hope it will turn out ok, but there’s a fear it’ll break bad and grow up to be dysfunctional.

I’m feeling better now that I’m pretty sure my unruly teenager is going to be ok and NOT bring shame and scandal to the family name

Taylors Corner On A Grey Day In March 2024

oil on board

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Pink tree in Concord, KY- plein air 13 March 2024

I haven’t been able to get out and paint until today. Went to visit my art/plein air buddy Sue Ellen Gorman. She lives in one of those beautiful and wonderful parts of Kentucky where cell phones can’t reach you: so instead of sharing each step of my painting live as it happens: you are getting a playback this evening from home:

Here’s my sketch. I want the blossoming tree to be the star of the show, but I also like the dark evergreens in the background.

My underpainting, with the basic composition and values more or less worked out.

The first color choices. We are looking into the sun, so it’s a little bit tricky with the color work.

this painting has lots of oil and shine. I’ll take a better photo once it’s dry in a week or so.

Early Bloomer
oil on panel

Thanks Sue Ellen! For sharing your neighbor’s beautiful blossoming tree–and the delicious dinner afterwards!

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Old Washington Tollhouse – plein air 9 March 2024

It’s a cold grey one today, so I thought the cheery bright white toll house had an interesting contrast with the trees in the background.

Painting my response from direct observation: no photos or technology.

Sketched this composition…using different shades of pencil to work out some values during the sketch phase

Brrr…49 degrees and dropping. this temp wouldn’t be bad if there were some sunshine or no wind. Sorry for being a crybaby…yes, I am living my dream: just didn’t want you all to get the wrong impression that the artist life is all sunshine and rainbows. My values are worked out on the board. Color time! And by color, I mean grey, lol!

the colors are more or less in place. Now it’s bringing it all together and a few details…

Well, that’s a wrap!!! Looking forward to some spring flowers and sunshine next week!

The Toll House 8×10” oil on panel

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Maysville Bridge view plein Air – 8 March 2024

I’m trying to paint from life every day. its Been an on again, off again rain day, so I asked my dear friend with a covered parking area and beautiful river view if I could setup and paint there. She said YES! So here we go!

The sketch is not much to look at, but I have the composition worked out. Let’s paint!

I have an underpainting….now time for color!!! At least grey…the prominent color on a rainy day 🙂

So many colors in grey. …and here comes the rain!!!

The light (what there was) is gone, so I’m done here!!!! Thank you so much for the shelter with a view! I had a good time and am going to take you up on your offer to come back on a less grey rainy day!

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Dead Nettle Field – Plein Air Painting

The sun did not decide to come out today, but the purple in the field far in the distance was screaming for it to have its portrait painted.

My sketchy sketch to work out the composition. Let’s paint!

Look who stopped by to see how the painting is going!!!! Rachel S. Wirrig just happened to spot me on her way to see mom and dad!

Was so excited to see Rachel, forgot to share my underpainting. I work the values and composition out before adding color.

Wanted to acknowledge that this painting spot was created on a sacred space. according to this memorial: 3 years ago, a 4 year old child named Parker passed away here. I held Parker and his family in my heart while creating this one.

The finished painting!!!!! I really enjoyed this one. Even on a grey day, there is beauty and color to be found–if you look for it 

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Old Washington stream -plein air painting

We had a lot of rain today, but I think it’s over for now.

This little stream in Old Washington captured my imagination.

our sketch…PAINT TIME!!!

Well, the radar lied…we had more rain. Had to duck under the neighbors porch until it went back to a drizzle. Good thing oil and water don’t mix!

Sorry i didn’t make more progress photos, but I did finish–in spite of getting rained on. Hopefully this comes across as the colors of spring–just getting ready to pop after a grey and rainy day.

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Federal Hill Plein Air Painting

What should I paint today?

It’s cloudy and might rain, so I’m picking a view in my backyard, just a few feet from my house.

Got my composition worked out in a sketchy sketch. Let’s paint before the rain gets here!

Doesn’t look like much, but I’m establishing the lights and darks-as well as getting the composition on the board.

ok boys and girls! Sorry i didn’t get to take more photos while working. When I concentrate, I forget. Here’s today’s grey day painting:

Federal Hill – Grey Day 5 March 2024

Oil on board


Painted from direct observation: no photos or technology.

Thanks all for joining me and all the encouragement…that was FUN!!! Have a great day!