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Pink tree in Concord, KY- plein air 13 March 2024

I haven’t been able to get out and paint until today. Went to visit my art/plein air buddy Sue Ellen Gorman. She lives in one of those beautiful and wonderful parts of Kentucky where cell phones can’t reach you: so instead of sharing each step of my painting live as it happens: you are getting a playback this evening from home:

Here’s my sketch. I want the blossoming tree to be the star of the show, but I also like the dark evergreens in the background.

My underpainting, with the basic composition and values more or less worked out.

The first color choices. We are looking into the sun, so it’s a little bit tricky with the color work.

this painting has lots of oil and shine. I’ll take a better photo once it’s dry in a week or so.

Early Bloomer
oil on panel

Thanks Sue Ellen! For sharing your neighbor’s beautiful blossoming tree–and the delicious dinner afterwards!

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