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Old Washington Tollhouse – plein air 9 March 2024

It’s a cold grey one today, so I thought the cheery bright white toll house had an interesting contrast with the trees in the background.

Painting my response from direct observation: no photos or technology.

Sketched this composition…using different shades of pencil to work out some values during the sketch phase

Brrr…49 degrees and dropping. this temp wouldn’t be bad if there were some sunshine or no wind. Sorry for being a crybaby…yes, I am living my dream: just didn’t want you all to get the wrong impression that the artist life is all sunshine and rainbows. My values are worked out on the board. Color time! And by color, I mean grey, lol!

the colors are more or less in place. Now it’s bringing it all together and a few details…

Well, that’s a wrap!!! Looking forward to some spring flowers and sunshine next week!

The Toll House 8×10” oil on panel

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