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Dead Nettle Field – Plein Air Painting

The sun did not decide to come out today, but the purple in the field far in the distance was screaming for it to have its portrait painted.

My sketchy sketch to work out the composition. Let’s paint!

Look who stopped by to see how the painting is going!!!! Rachel S. Wirrig just happened to spot me on her way to see mom and dad!

Was so excited to see Rachel, forgot to share my underpainting. I work the values and composition out before adding color.

Wanted to acknowledge that this painting spot was created on a sacred space. according to this memorial: 3 years ago, a 4 year old child named Parker passed away here. I held Parker and his family in my heart while creating this one.

The finished painting!!!!! I really enjoyed this one. Even on a grey day, there is beauty and color to be found–if you look for it 

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