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Poppies – Plein air 28 April 2024

To celebrate a beautiful morning, I’m going to try and capture the vibrance and joy of these poppies. I’ll work from direct observation: no photos, no technology, absolutely zero ai.

i scratched out a simple composition…I like the cluster of poppies in the foreground, then tall blades of grass, and poppies in the distance. A bee is floating between the different flowers. stay tuned to see if miss b makes the cut

All my big panels are in my studio, but I was lucky to have some little 6x8s laying around in my car. For this underpainting, I’ve used my biggest brush -to keep from getting lost in details…on my smallest panel size. it might not make sense right now, but color is what will hold this painting together…that’s the next step!!! Stay tuned!

Maybe it would be easier to work from a photo. the flowers are Constantly moving, blowing with the wind…and then the SUN moves too1-changing everything. But there is nothing like being outside + a part of the world I am trying to capture with paint.  I *think* I have a color scheme worked out, but it keeps changing: at this point, I’m going to trust my eyes, and go with it!

the wind decided to obliterate one of my models!!!! oh the carnage!!!

Well, im truly a Sunday painter! What a nice way to start the day! In nature with my paints (and Facebook friends!!!). Hope you all have a great day! Pop goes the poppy!! 6×8 oil on panel

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Tulip Time! plein air 25 April 2024

Good evening! theres Nothing like the warm late afternoon sunshine. Going to try and capture it (and these tulips) with some oil paint!

afternoon light changes fast, so no time to fuss around. Here’s my composition-let’s get it started!

Values (dark and light) worked out. Time for color! This painting is all about the bright yellow flowers, so all decisions made will be to support that yellow.

I have a color scheme worked out…now it’s all about the details…and a race to get them on the board before the sun gets any lower

I have a color scheme worked out…now it’s all about the details…and a race to get them on the board before the sun gets any lower

As if the quickly changing evening sun isn’t challenge enough: NOBODY TOLD ME THEY WERE GOING TO CLOSE THEIR PETALS ONCE THE SUN WENT DOWN!!!! That was a surprise! Well, regardless, I had a wonderful time painting from direct observation: no photos, no tech, no ai: is nothing like working from life…bugs and all!!! Clever titles welcome – oil on board, 6×12”

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Asparagus – plein air 24 April 2024

It’s lunch time, and these asparagus are ready to eat! It’s been a good year for asparagus so far, so I want to celebrate the bounty with a painting! 

I have a composition worked out. The drawing on the left is close to the values (dark and light) I want to capture, but the sketch on the right is closer to the composition I want. I want to emphasize the height of the asparagus. A panoramic proportioned board will help. Ok painting time!

The underpainting is roughed out. I used a combination of yesterday’s leftover paint and some violet and Veridian (green). Now it’s time to put colors in!!!

I have a color scheme worked out. A lot of artists find GREEN to one of the more difficult colors to mix. Well, this is a green plant with a green background. I’m living my dream, and I am the one who picked this subject, so will try not to be a crybaby and complain.

Ok! That’s a wrap!!! I really want to title this “kiss my asparagus” what do you think? 6×12” oil on board

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Yellow Tulips – Plein Air 23 April 2024

Hi there! It’s been awhile since we’ve painted live. These tulips arent going to get any prettier, so let’s paint them today!!!

Worked out a few thumbnail sketches…going to go with the bottom left sketch. Let’s paint!

The underpainting…boy is it windy!!! Let’s get some color on the panel!

Some color down…now to work the colors into a harmony without losing my mind

My painting buddy says he thinks it looks good enough. I think he just wants to get out of this wind. A few more touches and it’ll be finished!

Threes company 6×8”
oil on panel

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Carriage House at Federal Hill 21 April 2024

Did I show you all this little oil painting I made earlier this week when up on federal hill with the Wednesday painting group?

Its the carriage house to the north of the main house: loved how the dogwood tree contrasted with the shady side of the building.

Unfortunately, the wind was too bad to paint from life, so we made sketches and took photos, then worked in the studio.

8×10 oil on canvas

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Fort Massac State Park – 14 April 2024

Greetings while plein air painting from the ’other’ side of the Ohio River: Fort Massac, Illinois. This is where Lewis and Clark stayed for 3 days on their trip out west-they recruited their interpreter here.

Created with photos or technology—painted directly from observation and my emotional response: while the wind blew, and the shadows crept up the buildings. One building a little skinnier than it should be, but I wanted to squeeze it all in.


Hope you all had a great weekend.

8×10 Oil on board

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Spring Suffering – plein air – 19 March 2024

The march trend in Kentucky seems to be: either no wind and no sun, or sun with lots of wind!

I’m in Flemingsburg hoping to catch this sun without being Carried off to munchkin land!

Wish me luck!

sorry for no sketch…was busy chasing this palette before it floated into the creek! I have an ok underpainting. Let’s get some color out!

If you are the kind of person who likes your artists to suffer for their art, you’ll LOVE this painting. Other than being happy to paint sunshine, this has been a miserable experience. ive had too keep my left hand (freezing) in n the palette, to keep it from blowing away. ok, enough crybaby me…let’s get back to work!!!

Spring suffering 8×10 oil on canvas

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Cincinnati Art Club Sketch Group 18 March 2024

I was late to sketch group at the Cincinnati Art Club today…which means all the good views of the model were already taken.

One of the views left had an extreme amount of foreshortening. That’s when things point toward (or away from) the viewer. The model (Kathryn HintonMasks Of The Soul–one of my favorite models) was reclining away from me, with her leg and foot pointing toward the viewer.

No one setup in that spot, because it’s EXTREMELY difficult to draw this amount of foreshortening. (not to mention she was backlit)

I’ve been drawing with the sketch group, because I want to get better at drawing what I see (without cameras or technology) This was absolutely the most difficult drawing I have ever done…EVER.

It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with how much of the foreshortening I was able to achieve. Maybe next time I’ll be late again—the difficult views are what push me into being a better artist!

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Painting at Blevins Daylilly Farm 17 March 2024

My neighbors at Blevins Daylily Farm gave me permission to paint some of their daffodils. I’m so honored to be here. Hope to capture some of the natural beauty that surrounds me right now

Here’s my sketch. Flowers painting is a whole other ballgame. My first try for the season. Let’s dive in and paint!!!

The values are worked out. Color time! Hope I brought enough YELLOW!!!

Aaah, the artists life! what In the world was I thinking when I chose to work in this position?!?!

Well, this is not the first time daffodils have been my ruination. I had a lot of fun, but between the moving light, flowers constantly moving in the wind…and my poor choice of posture. Those flowers broke me, lol!

I’m not one to give up. I’m going to try again, but will pick a better time of day and perspective.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Thanks again Dana and Susie for letting me paint your flowers!