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First Irises – plein Air 29 April 2024

The evening light is so pretty–and dramatic. Lighting up these seasonally early irises that popped up in my yard.

as if flowers aren’t already hard—oh the translucence of the sun shining through

Here’s the underpainting – i have to work fast while the sun is setting–no time for a composition sketch

I am looking towards the sun, so color choices are really tricky, but I think i have something that will work

oh my gosh!!! that was crazy and fun!!! Painting while looking towards the sun–talk about a chaos palette!!!

First Irises 2024
6×8″ oil on board
Painted by direct observation:
no photos, technology or Ai used

2 thoughts on “First Irises – plein Air 29 April 2024

  1. Love those Irises! if my Iris wall wasn’t already full, I would add those !

    1. Thank you! Keep me in mind if you ever expand your iris wall 🙂

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