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Human Rights Portfolio exhibit at IAGO Oaxaca

A quick walkthough of the SOS Art Human Rights Portfolio. Sorry about the glare on the artwork and rushing through the exhibit. Although i was there at a slow time of the day, i still did not want to be a distraction to the people enjoying the show. Hopefully the video gives you an idea of the presentation and the space for the exhibit.

This Portfolio of Woodcut Prints on “Human Rights” is a project of SOS ART in collaboration with Taller Burro Press in Oaxaca, Mexico. It consists of 25 prints by 12 artists from Oaxaca and 12 artists from Cincinnati, each addressing one of 12 human rights, and the 25th print, the title page, created by an artist from Cincinnati.

The purpose of the portfolio was to challenge artists to create images and messages around human rights through a collaborative process across different cultures; also to raise funds for both SOS ART and Taller Burro Press for their current and future projects.

you can read more about the project, and take a better look at the artwork here:

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