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Work In Progress – December 2022 surface design

sorry i haven’t checked in awhile, and am late replying to any messages. I was c aught off guard when I learned that Final Friday at the Pendleton Art Center Cincinnati is going to be Dec 16 (instead of final friday) so I have been working double time trying to make enough cups to have new work to show.
I have a total of 30 finished cups here are the 5 I carved today. Hope to finish carving the last 9 tomorrow, and then it will be a crunch to color them all. Nothing like a deadline to see what is possible! Hope to see you next friday!
i just opened the kiln, and didn’t have any explosions (thats a good thing)!
OmyGosh! I have a BUNCH of cups to paint and fire before final friday (bumped up a week to 16 Decemeber) at the Pendleton Art Center Cincinnati.

perfect grey day to paint cups. The colors will be bright and beautiful after going through the kiln–4 down, only 40 more to go!

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