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Assembling a Provisional Press

TODAYS PROJECT – Assemble a Provisional Press

I believe Art Is For Everyone-especially printmaking. A challenge for artists just getting started in printing is that a press usually takes a lot of room, and can be REALLY expensive.

A couple of teachers from Indiana have designed a press, called The Provisional Press. It’s designed to be easy and affordable to make. You can downlod the files to cut the parts with a laser cutter-They also sell kits with all the parts cut-all I have to do is assemble it.

Here’s a link to their website if you want to learn more:

I think the project is awesome, and, you never know when a small, suitcase sized press could be handy (printmaking road trip?)–so I ordered one of their kits!!!

I’ve had mixed results when assembling things like this, so stay tuned to see how it goes!

Update:  I have it assembled! I just need to calibrate it…ugh…and then we can do some printing!

UPDATE2: I don’t have the patience to calibrate the press. I will, but I’m itching to put some ink through this lovely machine

I need to do some tinkering, but my first imPRESSion is that this is a great educational tool when you don’t have a press. You’ll be able to do things that you cant when hand printing. Is this going to replace a press? I don’t think so. (I need to do more tinkering..maybe I’m wrong) it was fun to put together, I learned a lot about the mechanics of what a press does. This could be fun for a road trip print activity, but I’m spoiled, would never use it as a “daily driver”

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