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Poppies With Betsy – Plein Air 13 May 2021

This morning we are painting poppies in my yard. Here’s my sketch
My artist friend from Ripley Ohio joined me…a peek at her sketch.
my underpainting…
betsy is working in pastel…laying down her darks and getting color on her panel.
the panel is covered with some color…next building up more colors and details
betsy building up darks for her pastel
Poppies are popping…down to the last details
The poppies are coming!!!
I think i’m finished! The camera did a weird light balance thing…let me take a better photo for you all.
Betsy works a lot slower than me. She cropped her panel, and is building up the poppies!
poppies plein air 13 May 2021 – Oil on Hardboard 7×14″
Poppies – Pastel by Betsy Adams
“Friends Are Flowers In The Garden Of Life! -thank you Betsy for visiting my garden, and making art with me…what a fun morning! — with Betsy Adams.

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