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Print day at the log cabin print shop 13 july 2019

Its saturday, which means, its print day at the log cabin print shop. The studio will be open to the public, with free tours and studio use from noon-5pm

linocut of pigs carved and ready to print
My goal is to print this linocut today: a family of pigs in mud. Because when im in the printshop, im as happy as a pig in mud (also about as messy too!) This print is bigger: 8×10″ .

I have 2 new linocuts to print, and 2 groups of artists are scheduled to print, so there will be lots of activity today!

linocut block with design with 2 rabbits and a carrot
4 1/2 x 6″ (notecard size) linocut of one of my favorite themes: sharing is caring.

12:10 Dustin Cecil just got back from a week long printmaking workshop at the John C. Campbell folk school.

artist dustin cecil showing prints in front of log cabin
Dustin showing new monotypes and drypoint etchings
gluing paper to clothespins
An experiment…gluing paper to our clothespin hangers
gluing paper to clothespin
This *should* keep us from denting our paper when hanging
linocut of two bunnies sharing a carrot inked and ready to print
The “sharing is caring” inked and ready to print
artist ken swinson printing with an old fashioned press
Ken using the little cast iron press
test proof of linocut of two bunnies with a carrot
Sharing is caring – bunnies 5×7″ notecard on acid free recycled card stock
artist dustin cecil printing with orange ink
Color 1 of Dustin’s reduction linocut
artist dustin cecil using the press at the log cabin print shop
Going through the press!
orange prints hanging in an improvised drying rack
The new hangers doing their thing!
hand inking a linocut print of pigs in mud
Inking the pig family blocks

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