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New Maysville Panoramic Woodcut

Last week, I did some sketching around Maysville, KY, and asked my friends on social media…which sketch should I make into a woodcut. The feedback was divided, so I chose #1 of the 3 sketches.

Here’s my progress so far:

design on woodblock of maysville kentucky for woodcut printmaking
I reversed and transferred the sketch onto a block of wood
first cuts in a reduction woodcut by kentucky artist ken swinson
Then carved away all the parts I want to be WHITE
first color in a reduction print of maysville kentucky by ken swinson
I printed my lightest color: a light, light brown. Then carved the brown areas, and inked again with the second lightest color: light grey
darker grey print of maysville kentucky by artist ken swinson printmaking
on porch carving a reduction woodcut with dogs watching
We are having good porch weather, so on the 3rd day, I sat on the porch, and carved my 3rd color: a light blue
adding light yellow to a reduction print woodcut
My 4th and 5th colors  (light green and light purple) were far enough from each other, I was able to print them at the same time
revealing yellow color for a reduction woodcut

Stay tuned, I’m carving and printing every day. I’ll have another progress report soon.

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