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Afternoon Sketches In Maysville

overlook view of downtown maysville kentucky from bank street

Yesterday, I went down to the river to do some sketching. Maysville is charming little river town. One of it’s distinguishing features is a suspension bridge that connects Kentucky and Ohio.

My first sketch was the view from bank and 6th street. It’s a great view of the town. I decided to do a panoramic drawing, to give a wider view of the place.

ipad sketch of maysville kentucky

My second sketch was the corner by the Rotory Club Park…where the road goes under the train tracks.

ipad sketch of downtown maysville kentucky

I think the theme for today is ‘bridges’

ipad sketch of the bridge in downtown maysville kentucky

For my final sketch, I crossed the river, and sketched the town from the river park in Aberdeen, Ohio.

ipad sketch of downtown maysville kentucky from aberdeen ohio

You can probably tell that the sun was going down at this point, so I didn’t get to put all the details into this sketch, but the composition is all worked out.

What a great day of sketching! Of course, Maysville is such a pretty town, it’s not possible to get a bad drawing.

I’m going to make a woodcut of at least one of these sketches. Help me decide, and let me know which sketch is your favorite.

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