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Make A Zine meet Up – Morehead, KY – Passages

passages morehead kentucky artzine

The Zine you are reading is a collaborative work by Artists from different small towns in Kentucky. We met on January 12, 2018 at the Rowan County Public Library in Morehead, KY, and created work around the theme:

Because of winter weather advisory and warnings, our turn out was smaller than normal. However, A brave group-most who lived close to Morehead-Were able to come. One of the best things about smaller groups, is that we had more time to get to know each other, and to hear everyone’s remarkable stories.. We all felt like it was well worth venturing out into the winter weather.

I met Alice Reynolds for the first time at this zine meet up. She is a music teacher from Morehead. At 91 years old (she gave me permission to share her age) she is still enjoying life and playing music. Many years ago, before the Morehead State University existed, Rowan County had what was called the “moonlight school’ It taught adults how to read and write at night. Alice’s father was a postman, and she remembers part of his job (in addition to delivering mail) was to read the mail to some of the people he delivered to, because everyone did not know how to read and write back then.

Kay Schafer, is an artist from Morehead, KY. Her poem about becoming a senior citizen captures her bright and positive personality. Kay was also a big help in organizing the ArtZine in Morehead. Thanks, Kay.

Melany Workman was the youngest of 11 children, and grew up in this 5 room house in Rowan county. She now owns and operates the Cave Run Manor in Morehead, and is a great caretaker for her residents.

Melissa Barker is an artist and teacher from Grahn, Ky. Her drawing is the first art she has made since the recent loss of her father. Because she has participtaed many times, we are going to visit Melissa’s neighborhood for February’s ArtZine. More details soon.

I have known Helen Chadwell for many years, the first time we met was while she was a volunteer for the Morhead Art Guild Art Show. More recently, she has visited my studio, and we have made prints together. Her drawing/poem is about the passages of life.

Ken Swinson wanted to illustrate the idea that we can overcome the obstacles we encounter in life…with a little help from our friends. Thanks everyone for being a part of my journey!

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