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Plein Air Painting – downtown Maysville, Kentucky 31 October 2020

An old warehouse in Maysville, Ky was recently demolished, giving us a new view of downtown.

plein air easel setup in front of panoramic view of downtown maysville kentucky

October 31st weather was sunny and cool, so I loaded my paints in my car, to try to capture the view. 

It is a big, wide view, and I wanted to capture it all!  I used 2 9×12 panels to create a diptych of the panoramic view. 

plein air underpainting by ken swinson of downtown maysville

The closer we get to the winter months, we don’t have nearly as much light in the sky, so I had to race against the setting sun to capture the view.  I am inspired by the impressionist tradition of painting directly from life, without the aid of photography.  It forces me to use loose brush strokes to capture the essence of the moment. 

kentucky artist, Ken swinson, plein air painting view of downtown maysville and the ohio river

Another one of my favorite things about working from life, is being outdoors, and a visible part of my community. It can get lonely when I spend a lot of time alone in my studio. My friend, the photographer, Lorraine Marcella stopped by to chat while I worked, and I had her take this snapshot with my camera to document the painting.

work in progress plein air painting by kentucky artist, ken swinson subject maysvile kentucky

This view is so new and interesting, I could paint at least 10 more paintings from this spot. Hopefully, they don’t start building soon.

The church steeple on the right was just a little too big, so when I got back to the studio, I fixed it!

4 thoughts on “Plein Air Painting – downtown Maysville, Kentucky 31 October 2020

  1. Great job so far, Ken! This is going to be a collectible piece of art for someone in your community. It’s going to sell very quickly, probably before you get it finished. Love it!

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks! I’m really happy with how it turned out. I like it so much, i *might* just keep it for myself!

      1. If you decide to keep the original, then maybe you could consider having it scanned and then offer giclee’ prints. I think you’d be surprised how many you might sell over time. 🙂

        1. i might do that! I’m always looking for new ways to make income to support my art habit!

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