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A new ‘flowerpot’ – ferdinand the bull

Well, im working on another “flowerpot”. The first was 15″ the second is going to be even bigger! Im using a combination of pinch pot and coil pot, techniques you probably learned in elementary school. I dont know if pot #2 is a cow or horse goat or sheep, but whatever it is, building it is like dancing with a drunk.

artist handbuilding clay animal
improvised sculpture support for handbuilt bull
not a very sophisticated support system. Here in rural Kentucky, we learn to get by with what we have!
Artist Handbuilding clay bull sculpture
adding a clay horn to a clay bull sculpture
adding horns
clay bull sculpture
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Raku Firing in Old Washington

Michael H. Dickman​ led a raku pottery activity at our community art center on Saturday, October 5th.

Here are a few clips from yesterday’s activity

Mollie Beusterien​ also introduced us to a hot glazing technique, called OBVARA, which was similar to raku in that it deals with hot pots.

raku pottery
my obvara vase

what fun! Im so lucky to live in a community with so many creative people!