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Wallowing in mud

A few weeks ago, a friend gave me a book about transferring images into clay. As a printmaker, and ex potter, i was interested. Shortly after, they sent me ANOTHER book about printing on clay. Aat that point, i decided it was time to dust off my pottery equipment and make some things to try printing on.

clay studio with clay sculptures drying
The new mud room

I thought it would be fun to hand build some of the characters from my prints and paintings.

clay work in progress sculptures of a dove, lamb pig and chicken
Some of my clay critters

I have not thrown any pots, other than for the occasional empty bowls fundraiser, since 2007. And was curious if i remembered how to throw a pot on the wheel.

potters wheel with newly thrown pots around it
Future mugs

I did remember!!! Its like riding a bike!!!

freshly trimmed redware pots
Mugs with the bottoms up!
work in progress photo of redware mugs with handles
One thing leads to another…more pots!

Stay tuned! I hope to print and transfer some of my woodcuts onto these pots. Should be interesting!

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