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I don’t take photos on the best days at the print shop

Have you ever been so engaged enjoying a moment that you forgot to take your camera out to ‘document’ the experience? That’s what happened this Saturday at the Log Cabin Print Shop!

Rachel Bollman printing with the old time cast iron press

I love it when it happens, but wish I had more pictures to share the day after.

Alycia and Dustin printing with the big Wood Foose press

We had a full house with 4 people cranking art through both of our presses!

inking linocuts

Ripley, OH artist, Rachel Bollman crossed the river to print with us.

Rachel Bollman

From Carter County, KY artist, Dustin Cecil

Dustin Cecil

brought his artist friends Alycia (the geography lady)and Blake from Philidelphia

Blake and Alycia

Thanks everyone for printing with us at yhe log cabin, we had a great time!

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New greeting card-beehive

Good morning!!! Thanks everyone for coming out last night for final friday.
Today, im printing at the log cabin print shop from noon-5pm.

While doing my morning porchsitting/birdwatching, i started this design for a new greeting card.

I was born in Utah, the beehive state. During my formative years as a young artist in kentucky, Luciano Moral , and the original beehive tavern in augusta were a big support and influence of my work.I have a few friends who are beekeepers, and i am learning about how important our pollinators are. This tuesday, there will be a talk about pollinators at the caza sikes gallery…part of Ursula Roma s wonderful mind gardens art exhibit.

I dont always draw with an ipad, but one advantage is that it doubles as a lightbox, and makes it easier to trace my design for flipping and transferring to the block
UPDATE i have not carved as fast as i could, because some of the nicest people came to visit! I did just finish my first bee.its the cutest little thing. I put a pushpen in the photo to give you a sense of scale

Keep watching this post for updates on the print. Or stop by. Ill be printing from noon-5pm.

UPDATE this is all i was able to carve today. Might come back to the studio and finish tomorrow. Thanks everyone for stopping by!
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Honey bear

Its open print day at the log cabin print shop. You are all welcome to visit and make prints with m3 from noon until 5pm. Today im carving this honeybear. Hopefully in time to print it too!

Finished carving the bees and blossoms…now time to carve the bear!
Finished carving. Time for ink!

Stay tuned for updates!

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open print day at the log cabin print shop

photo by Jim Turner

Every Saturday the Log Cabin Print shop in Old Washington, KY is open to the public.

artists Ken Swinson and Chuck and Kennedy Moore
photo by Dustin Cecil

Last week we had a great turnout: Cinci photographer, Chuck Moore came with his daughter, Kennedy.

ken swinson with artist kennedy moore
photo by Chuck Moore

Carter county multi media artist, Dustin Cecil, came to print on all sorts of different surfaces; paper, fabric, vinyl, boxer shorts, etc

We even had a couple of suprise guest artists, our neighbors; Deb and Fred from Virginia!!!

photo by Chuck Moore

We love it when photographers come to visit.

photo by Chuck Moore

I’m usually too busy working with ink to to take any good photos, thanks to Chuck, we have some great images to remember the weekend. Thanks Chuck!

photo by Chuck Moore

You can follow more of his work on the instagram: Chuck Moore

and remember, if traditional printmaking looks like something you would like to do, you are welcome to stop by for a visit. The studio is free and open to the public every Saturday from noon-5pm

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a new woodcut at the log cabin print shop

Im carving a new woodcut today at the log cabin print shop. Ill be here until 5pm.

the first little thief (bird) is more or less carved out
its too pretty to carve inside, so ive taken my block and knives outside. Using this old bourbon barrel as a stand up outside table
still cuttimg… Taking a break to uncramp my hand

that’s all i could do today, but check back next week, i hope to finish carving and print the woodcut!

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Printing With Friends at the Log Cabin Print Shop

I dont have a plan for a particular print, but the studio is open to the public, you are welcome to stop by and see what i end up making…or come to make something yourself. Ill be here until at least 5pm.

ive decided what to do. I usually dont work from photos, but–at the airport, they have a display of wood models of different riverboats that were used on the ohio river. I took this photo to use as reference. Im going to start some sketches…it would be a good subject for a woodcut or linocut!

heres my thumbnail sketch. I shortened the boats length, which is probably a big insult to anyone who really knows these boats, but i want it to fill the space without cutting a custom size block.

i stained my linoleum with a light coat of acrylic paint. It helps me see the design better while i carve.
to scale drawing of the boat. Ill trace this onto tracing paper, then (once the acrylic paint is dry) transfer the design onto my block
i have traced the design, and im ready to transfer…but im still waiting for the acrylic to dry. I forgot to eat this morning, so im going to run home and eat while the paint dries (theres nothing sadder than a starving artist, lol!)
back at the studio. Im trying to eat healthy, so i made spinach avocado egg and rice tacos. Hoping the paint will be dry by the time i finish lunch
artist friends Betsy Adams and Nicholas Denham stopped by; print party!!!
transferred and ready to cut
our blocks are carved and ready to go through the press
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Old Washington Woodcut

You might remember, when a few months ago, I sketched Washington Hall, along with the row of shops on old US Route 62 in Old Washinton.

Sketching With The Ipad – on Old US ROUTE 62 -Old Washington, KY

I have finally finished carving the 9”x24” panoramic woodcut of the scene. My plan for today is to proof it, and then print an edition on paper.

just printed the rest proof. I am over the moon happy with how it looks!!! maybe a few more bricks around the horse?

carved some more bricks–to bring out the horse… let’s put it through the press and see how it looks!

I’m happy… now time to print on the “good” paper