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back in the print shop 3 July 2020

After a pottery intensive month (june) i found my way back into the print shop.

Love One Another – ink on paper

I printed some of my “Love One Another” prints. Most were on paper. A few of the artists at the Log Cabin Print Shop are textile artists. Watching them over the past year has inspired me to think outside ink on paper, and to print my design on fabric.

using the press to print a design on fabric
Print on fabric is fun!

Ok, i’ll tell the truth. I did not have a pottery free day. I DID also make these cream pitchers. What can i say? I might be a pottery addict!

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We will get through this together-linocut

My latest linocut!

This will be a greeting card to share with friends and family who might feel alone right now.

i assume all kentuckians know where this phrase comes from. for those who don’t, every day, our governor addresses the state for an update re: covid 19. He always starts saying this, then encourages us to say it together. his demeanor and team spirit has calmed me down on more than a few moments during this anxious time.

I know that a lot of people are experiencing economic insecurity right now, and would enjoy this image, but can’t buy a card right now. I would NEVER encourage digital printing of a hand printed work of art, but these are serious times. If you would like to download a high resolution copy of this art to print and share (for personal use only) follow this link.

Below is the step by step process:
A rough sketch for today’s linocut. This will be a greeting card to share with friends and family who might feel alone right now.

 I used my iPad to do some fine tuning on my design. Now I’m ready to transfer it to a block for carving.

design transferred, and ready to carve!

Carving. I included my finger in the photo to give you a sense of details and scale. I’ve been carving a lot of wood lately, compared to it, the limo cuts lite butter!

a little bit over 1/3 done
YOU ALL KNOW NOT TO TRY CALLING ME BETWEEN 5 AND 6 PM. carving during the governors update
Carving Done! Time To Print!
The first printing!
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Dishwasher bunny

I’m about to start the 4th in my dust bunny series of bunnies spring cleaning. Today’s woodcut is dishwashing!

the design is sketched out on the block. Time to start carving!

This is the first indoor scene. I have been using a similar pattern to represent clouds, but for this scene, I’ll use the same pattern to represent soapy dishwater.

soapy water?!

Almost there!!! Still some details to carve, then I’ll be ready to print!

Not sure what I was thinking when I gave this dust bunny modern appliances. THEY took more carving than the rest in of the design. Ok, let’s take it to the cabin to put some unknown paper!

the test proof!

Overall, I’m happy with it. I might have made some different choices (no modern appliances) in parts of the design, but it’s still cute as a button, and will be a good addition to my army of dust bunnies, who are going to do all my spring cleaning for me!

Time to print!

laundry bunny

Watch this space for updates as they happen.

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Count Your Blessings – Rainbow Roll

A collection of facebook and Instagram “stories” while creating the rainbow roll

Today, i stayed busy by printing at the cabin. I tried a new technique, called the ‘rainbow roll’ it’s when you use more than one ink on the same roller. It’s a little bit like juggling-trying to keep the correct consistency of all 3 inks at the same time. it took some getting the hang of, but I did it!

This was also my first experience printing with process colors (yellow, magenta, cyan). I’m used to painter colors, like: ultramarine blue, burnt umber, viridian, etc. CMYK process colors are different – id say mixing them feels more scientific than artist colors.

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Dust Bunny and Laundry Bunny Woodcuts

I havent left my house since thursday, and im watching the news more than i should…i can tell its causing me to be anxious, but i cant stop watching. Thought some spring cleaning would be a positive way to keep myself busy. Just finished carving this dust bunny woodcut. Will probably walk down to the cabin and print it later on. Hope you all are doing well!

i try to avoid actually DOING chores whenever i can, so i started another chore bunny. Laundry!!

The Laundry bunny, carved and ready for ink!
print time!
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Happy As A Pig In Mud

I already wish i had carved it bigger, this is 6×8. I combined 3 of my favorite things: printmaking, pottery and pigs! Title is: pig in mud. Will print later this afternoon. 

Special thanks to a donation from Purdue University’s Black Cultural Center, we have a new set of inks (from an even more more local company than our normal ink: only 5 hours away:chicago) to try at the log cabin print shop. Going to take them for a test drive with pig in mud!

you *know* with all those new colors, the first one i cracked open was brown. Haha