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Plein Air Painting in Cincinnati

Today, I spent the day walking and painting around cincinnati and Northern Kentucky,

Todays view from my office.
i have the composition worked out… now its time for color!!!
City color: very different from country color. Im working it out…still some details to work out.
Im not messing with this anymore. Im happy with it.

Time to move to the next spot…i need some exercise, so im thinking of walking to a riverview with the skyline

Walking downtown. Lots of shiny glass. A perfect opportunity to show off how compact my paint studio is. Everything fits on my back
Im thinking this old bridge might make a good painting…
Sketch is done. Time to paint…fast. im in the shade, and the riverbreeze is a little too refreshing.
Composition and vales more or less figured out…time for color
I am officially a popcicle. I might have some frostbite/hypothermia, but it is totally worth it. Look at this beautiful painting!! The wavy strokes are from shivering, lol!
im going to try for one more. In honor of easter being right around the corner, im going to paint the immaculata church in mt adams. Theres something satisfying abiut watching commuters cross the yellow bridge at a crawl while im on the purple bridge painting.
i have my sketch done…going to try and squeeze both the church and yellow bridge into the tiny tiny painting. Lets get started!!!
I have my values and composition worked out. I like this sketch so much, id almost stop and call it finished…but no, the sun is shining on my shoulder, and there is color to add. Stay tuned!
its getting dark, thats a wrap!
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You might remember, when a few months ago, I sketched Washington Hall, along with the row of shops on old US Route 62 in Old Washinton.

Sketching With The Ipad – on Old US ROUTE 62 -Old Washington, KY

I have finally finished carving the 9”x24” panoramic woodcut of the scene. My plan for today is to proof it, and then print an edition on paper.

just printed the rest proof. I am over the moon happy with how it looks!!! maybe a few more bricks around the horse?

carved some more bricks–to bring out the horse… let’s put it through the press and see how it looks!

I’m happy… now time to print on the “good” paper

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Fiesta de San Pablo Huitzo

Saturday, my friend, Jose took me to the small village of San Pablo Huitzo for the celebration of Huitzo’s patron saint, Pablo (Paul)

I visited San Pablo 3 yearso ago, to learn about the Universidad de la tierra (University of the earth). It is a great program. It alone is worth visiting the little village.

At the fiesta, we visited a fair with organic produce, livestock, handicrafts, textiles and a demonstration of a solar powered water pump.

Like most Mexican villages, in the center of town, there is a church and city building. Between the two was an elaborate structure. It is a firework display that a team of people spent months to build and plan…all for the big event of the fiesta.

The structure was not just covered with fireworks and moving parts, but also with lights, which illuminated the night, as we waited for the firework display.

After much bell ringing from the church, the priest started leading the congregation through singing vespers. Not far from the church is the city hall, where a rowdy group of young people played loud, toe tapping secular music, while people danced.

Jose and I were standing between the church and city hall. Some of the older people were complaining because the ‘barrachos (drunks)’ were making too much noise and racket…they couldn’t hear the music coming from the church.

I thought it was perfect symbolism. Paul is one of my favorite saints, because he had a dramatic change in his life…so much that he changed his name (he was originally called Saul—back when he was bad). I thought the barrachos dancing in the streets symbolized the life of ‘Saul’…the devoted people in the church represented ‘Paul’

I tried to take some photos of the firework display. In my opinion, photos of fireworks are never as good as enjoying them in real life. I put my camera in my pocket, and enjoyed the beautiful display. It was one of the most expressive firework displays that I have ever seen!

Shortly after the fiesta, I experienced a radical change that changed the way I think about things (not as dramatic as Paul’s conversion…but big enough for me). I thought San Pablo must have been watching over me.

Thanks Jose and San Pablo Huitzo for the wonderful experience!

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Shoe Repair in Soledad, Etla

n Mexico, the simple things in life are big adventures. I spent the morning looking for the village cobbler (shoe repair). the first one I visited, could only sew tennis shoes, so he told me to go to the next street, where there is another cobbler, who can sew leather shoes…i was a little disoriented because I didn’t consider the dusty alley he was talking about a street, but eventually found the other cobbler–even though there was no sign.

I had to ask people in the street. it turns out, you go through a gate, into what looks like a residence and there is a window where you can tell a woman what you want done, and leave your shoes.

she is going to restitch the seams in my shoes, give them a fresh stain, and new insole. they will be ready on Friday and will cost approx. $3 USD. the last time I went to a shoe repair in cincinnati, the repair was twice as expensive as the shoes!!! one of the many things I admire about Mexican culture is the way they repair and reuse things… in the USA, consumerism rules, and it’s designed to be easier to buy another than repair when something is broken.

FYI. Here in Mexico, they also have people who do TV repair

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people change. try new things: chaupalines

the people of Oaxaca enjoy a snack, called chaupalines (grasshoppers). they are roasted with chili and lime. over the 5 years of visiting Mexico, I have not been able to aquire a taste for them; until now.

something switched with my taste buds, and now they are so delicious, I could eat a whole bag of them (like popcorn)!

it just goes to show that people change, and don’t be afraid to try something again…even when it didn’t work for you the first tries.