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Assembling a Provisional Press

TODAYS PROJECT – Assemble a Provisional Press

I believe Art Is For Everyone-especially printmaking. A challenge for artists just getting started in printing is that a press usually takes a lot of room, and can be REALLY expensive.

A couple of teachers from Indiana have designed a press, called The Provisional Press. It’s designed to be easy and affordable to make. You can downlod the files to cut the parts with a laser cutter-They also sell kits with all the parts cut-all I have to do is assemble it.

Here’s a link to their website if you want to learn more:

I think the project is awesome, and, you never know when a small, suitcase sized press could be handy (printmaking road trip?)–so I ordered one of their kits!!!

I’ve had mixed results when assembling things like this, so stay tuned to see how it goes!

Update:  I have it assembled! I just need to calibrate it…ugh…and then we can do some printing!

UPDATE2: I don’t have the patience to calibrate the press. I will, but I’m itching to put some ink through this lovely machine

I need to do some tinkering, but my first imPRESSion is that this is a great educational tool when you don’t have a press. You’ll be able to do things that you cant when hand printing. Is this going to replace a press? I don’t think so. (I need to do more tinkering..maybe I’m wrong) it was fun to put together, I learned a lot about the mechanics of what a press does. This could be fun for a road trip print activity, but I’m spoiled, would never use it as a “daily driver”

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3 Goats – New Woodcut – and a little website housekeeping

I’m excited that printmaking season is here!
3 Goats

woodcut of 3 goats jumping around hills by kentucky artist ken swinson

It’s a nice sized woodcut (20inches wide!) and the blue looks wonderful with this design!
I’m offering them for $45 right now.
Click the image above for a better look and more details on how to order.

Now, the housekeeping part:
If you visit the PRINTMAKING section of my gallery, you probably noticed that a lot of pieces are no longer on display.
To welcome the new printmaking season, I retired the majority of older prints–to make room for the new!
Stay tuned! there’s more coming soon!

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New block print notecards!

I’m SUPER EXCITED that printmaking season has started at my studio!

Here is my first group of linocut notecards:
The art is 6″x4.5″ printed on a 7×5″ notecard. The notecard is made from acid-free, heavyweight paper made with 100% post consumer recycled materials. The ink is made in Chicago, the paper made in Michigan (both about 5 hours from my studio). An envelope is included-so you can share my art by mail to your friends and family!!

These are a hand made products made by me in Old Washington, Kentucky. The designs are hand carved, inked by hand, then put through a hand cranked press. No computers or electricity involved.

you can see more of my printmaking work by clicking PRINTMAKING at the menu at the top of this page.

Thanks everyone for your support!

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Kiln Firing 6 February 2022

I just opened the kiln–i had some wonderful goodies, like these little cream pitchers. I don’t know why they got me so excited, but they sure are cute!

Another exciting thing is that I’ve ben experimenting with greens, and have some new results.

Here’s a gallery that shows EVERYTHING that was in today’s firing.
Click the arrows or swipe to see all the different pieces from the firing

if you are looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift, one of these pots might be the perfect thing for you!

I don’t ship or sell online. Pottery should be seen (and picked up) in person before you can truly know if it’s ‘the one’ for you. You can see them in person this Wednesday (February 9th) from noon- 6pm at my studio (studio 400) at the Pendleton Art Center in downtown Cincinnati. Contact me me for more information–or you can visit this facebook link to RSVP:

All pots are porcelain, lead free, food safe, and can be used in the microwave

Prices for your reference:

Cream Pitchers$25
Cups and Side plates $40
Spice Jars are no longer available