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Plein Air in Old Washington 8 May 2021

I’ve been trying to paint without sharing, so I can have a collection to show you all at once. But I can’t resist showing off, and it’s a rainy Mother’s day here in Kentucky, so I thought I’d share some good weather plein air sunshine with you!

I’m working on a series of iris paintings, and thought these pretty purple irises would make a good painting. Here’s my sketch…stay tuned to see how it works out!
Here’s the messy underpainting. I have the darks and lights worked out…and composition. Now time for the colors!!!
I’m not sure this one is going to work out…Everything has been in shadow, and these colors are a mess…thinking about calling it a loss, and wiping the board clean.
Never easy, but sometimes an artist has to ‘kill their darlings’ I went ahead and wiped all the paint from the board. I’m going to try to use the rest of the day to paint the church (in light) contrast with the flowers (in shadow)
ok, let’s try again…here’s my sketch, lets paint!
Here’s the second try underpainting for today’s painting.
I am already in LOVE with this painting. It has good light/dark contrast and should work! Can’t wait to start adding COLOR!!!
I have the base colors down. The sun hitting the church and green grass are so warm, I almost need sunglasses. Now it’s time to build up the details and colors…stay tuned!
I think i’m done!!! it’s funny how sometimes the best paintings come right after a failure. I’ve joked before how: yo have to push through the breakdown if you want to have the breakthrough!!! This was one of those days!!! I’m thrilled with it, AND this painting already has a home!! Thank you so much for experiencing this with me!
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Plein air old washinton- the barn on old main street 6 may 2021

The wildflowers in front of this barn would make an interesting painting.

Here’s my preliminary sketch…time to paint!!!
I think this wants to be horizontal instead of vertical.
The underpainting
Laying in some colors…I’m getting nervous because they are cutting grass all around the building. I don’t want to delay work, but hopefully they hold off until I paint the wildflowers
Im at the stage of painting where I am calling it a “hot mess”. The sun played some tricks on me(went behind clouds) , and i really don’t know where I’m going with it…I’ve learned to just push through…sometimes these messes transform into masterpieces. Other times they become lessons.
i was able to pull it all together…whew!!! The wildflowers were what attracted me to the scene, and they make the painting!
Thanks everyone for joining me on this afternoon of painting!
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Plein air painting/meet up Ripley ohio

Greetings from the river village of Ripley, Ohio! There’s no rain, but today’s forecast is cloudy. Still lots of pretty scenes to choose from. Stay tuned!

I decided to paint some of the flowers in Roses memorial garden. Joined by Northern Ky and Ohio artists, Ivanka lempitskiy, Jackie Braden and Margie lakeberg
I really like the sign at the entrance to the garden. It got cropped from our group photo, but it really set the vibe for the day!
These flowers caught my eye…maybe they will be in today’s painting?
I also like the house with Pickett fence…
a rough sketch…still trying to decide: house, or nah?
The underpainting
laying down some colors…
my new painting buddy!!! Refuses to model unless I have tuna. I left my tuna at home–next time!
more color and details…
the finished painting!
a time lapse of the finished painting
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Plein air painting Augusta, ky 22 April 2021

Today I’m in Augusta, ky. A little river village very close to my heart. It’s been difficult picking a spot to paint, but I decided on this scene on 4th street.

I’m interested in the porch with rocking chair, flowering trees, hill in the distance while looking into the morning light.

There’s a lot here, and I’ll have to use my artist eye to edit the scene and put it all together into a painting. This will serve as a great example of how painting from life lets you do things a photo can’t

I have a rough rough sketch…this scene is going to be tricky, but I can do it!!! Let’s start painting!!!
I used a muddy mix of ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and cadmium yellow to work out the composition and values. Now it’s time to start laying in the color. I’ll have to work fast, because as the sun rises, all the colors change.
I’ve laid some morning colors on the panel…time for details, and building up more colors
I got lost in painting, and forgot to give you all an update. Even with editing, there is so much in this scene…busy little 4th Street. Time to pull it all together and get some lunch!
This site was really close to my artist friends, Deb and Brad’s house. Lucky me, ran into them, and got to catch up, and got some tips on how to finish the painting.

It’s nice to see friends again…especially other artists. what a treat to get a nice photo of ME while at work on a painting?!!!!

photo by Brad Wooldridge
Here it is! Spring morning on 4th street – Augusta, KY
This was one of the trickiest paintings I have made. It was such a busy scene, and I had to make a lot of choices about what to keep and what to ignore. Unfortunately, the rocking chair on the porch (that initially made me want to paint this view) did not make it into the final scene.

Click above to see close up photo with more deatails- and more information about the painting!
Thanks for watching!

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red tulips – plein air painting – 22 April 2021

it’s a grey day…might even get some rain. For today’s painting, i decided to try to capture these red tulips. They are bright and cheerful, and aren’t going to last much longer. From an artist perspective, I like the way the stems are starting to droop.
here’s my sketch…to work out the composition–now time to set up and paint!!!
I’m blocking in the shapes with a muddy mix of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. also working out the dark and light relationships in the composition..
See the white specks in front of the black car and red truck? I’m painting flowers in SNOW FLURRIES. I’m not cutting my ear off, but I do want some acknowledgment for my dedication to my craft 🙂
I never know what will pop up in my flower garden!!! Chuck and Mary Lou Keller 🙂
slowly but surely building up colors to capture the moment…
It’s still cold out there…had to come inside to warm my hands up. A good opportunity for an update! We are close to the finish line.
tulips take a bow – oil on panel 8×10″

Art and beauty are everywhere you look. Even on cold, cloudy snow flurry days. Get out there and enjoy!

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Iris Plein Air Painting – 20 April 2021

you all will not believe what popped up in my garden today?!?! irises!!!! They are early for Northern Kentucky!They are in a funny spot, and it’s impossible to get a good photo with the distracting background. This session will be an example of how a painting filters and interprets a scene through the artist’s eye in a way the camera cannot.

after doing a little bit of pruning, and changing my perspective, i have a rough sketch (to work out my composition) now it’s time to paint!
I blocked out the basic shapes with a yellow ochre and burnt sienna…the warm yellows will make a nice contrast to the purple irises.
Color Time!!! Using my broadest brush (a #10 flat bristle) I laid out the basic shapes and colors…now time to push paint around until it looks right…
i Just cracked open one of my FAVORITE colors…a radiant turquoise…I’m trying to mix colors (not using ready mixed colors), but this one is so bright and saturated with color, right out of the tube. Warning: once i start painting with it, you’ll see this color in EVERYTHING i paint– until it gets out of hand and we have to have an intervention
I’m still using a pretty wide flat brush (#8 bristle). I had to step away because there is some BEAUTIFUL brushwork in the painting right now. I don’t want to lose it when i go down to the #4 flat and working on the details…I put the tube away, but might need a few more areas with radiant turquoise?
I’m so close to finished…just need to think about those last minute details.
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Overlook at devou park

I’m in the city today and thought I’d try to capture the view of the skyline from devou park.
I’m trying to squeeze a lot in here , but I think it is going to work. Here’s my sketch to work out the composition.
Some rough rough shapes worked out….now, time for the details
More details…time for color! I need to hurry, as the sun is rising and changing everything
Laying in the sky and river colors…trying to pay attention to the atmosphere
The light is so different from when I started this point, I’m ready to wrap it up and get those last minute details
I’m calling it finished!!!
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The log cabin print shop- Plein air painting 18 april 2021

I’m painting Plein air LIVE. Keep watching this post for updates as the work is in progress!

Today’s Plein air painting will b at the log cabin print shop. This location has a special meaning to me, because it is our community printmaking studio!
My sketch for the painting.
I’ve worked out the composition and values in an orange brown color.
Color time! I’m trying something different today…more toned down colors. Im a little freaked out at this point. I don’t mix colors this way, but will see what happens!
I’m unhappy with where this is going…going to wipe the panel and try something different.
A clean slate…let’s try again!

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Plein Air Painting – Lewis County 16 April 2021

Today, i had the intention to go to Lewis county to paint the Cabin Creek Covered bridge.
I’ve painted the bridge before, it’s a picture perfect scene, but I was in the mood for something a little bit different.

Around the corner from the bridge, was an interesting curve in the road. I decided to paint it instead

My thumbnail sketch
blocking out basic shapes with a muddy mess of colors leftover from yesterday’s painting
working out the dark and light values- still using the muddy paint
starting to add color. I’m trying something different…usually I am a color lover, but I wonder what would happen if i keep my colors toned down?
blocking in the colors – trying to keep it toned down, but the red bush wants to shine bright pink–im going to let it!

building up colors and details
i think its finished!!!

the original is available for sale. I will update with a better studio photo once it is dry (in about a week)

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Tulip Plein Air Painting – 10 April 2021

I’m going to try to paint these beautiful pink tulips that popped up in my yard.
I have toned the panel and worked out the composition with a muddy color
working out the values (dark and light) some more details
time to start adding color!!!
blocking in the color…need to add some details
almost finished!
Its been awhile! I forgot how much i LOVE painting directly from life–outside!

the original painting has sold, but you can order archival reproductions on cotton rag by clicking above.

thank you