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Printmaking At The Log Cabin Print Shop 5-27-19

printmaker Arnold Pennington holding his portfolio
Arnold Pennington

Today at the print shop we had a surprise visit from, Hillsboro, Ohio printmaker, Arnold Pennington! We enjoyed looking through his portfolio, and showing him the studio. He’s busy without a lot of free time, but hopefully will be able to come back and print soon!

Today, we printed this linocut notecard of tomatoes in a mason jar

work in progress of a linocut depicting canned tomatoes

it was inspired by last week’s linocut: Yes We Can

Thanks everyone for coming to print and watch…See you next Saturday!

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Print day at the log cabin print shop 13 july 2019

Its saturday, which means, its print day at the log cabin print shop. The studio will be open to the public, with free tours and studio use from noon-5pm

linocut of pigs carved and ready to print
My goal is to print this linocut today: a family of pigs in mud. Because when im in the printshop, im as happy as a pig in mud (also about as messy too!) This print is bigger: 8×10″ .

I have 2 new linocuts to print, and 2 groups of artists are scheduled to print, so there will be lots of activity today!

linocut block with design with 2 rabbits and a carrot
4 1/2 x 6″ (notecard size) linocut of one of my favorite themes: sharing is caring.

12:10 Dustin Cecil just got back from a week long printmaking workshop at the John C. Campbell folk school.

artist dustin cecil showing prints in front of log cabin
Dustin showing new monotypes and drypoint etchings
gluing paper to clothespins
An experiment…gluing paper to our clothespin hangers
gluing paper to clothespin
This *should* keep us from denting our paper when hanging
linocut of two bunnies sharing a carrot inked and ready to print
The “sharing is caring” inked and ready to print
artist ken swinson printing with an old fashioned press
Ken using the little cast iron press
test proof of linocut of two bunnies with a carrot
Sharing is caring – bunnies 5×7″ notecard on acid free recycled card stock
artist dustin cecil printing with orange ink
Color 1 of Dustin’s reduction linocut
artist dustin cecil using the press at the log cabin print shop
Going through the press!
orange prints hanging in an improvised drying rack
The new hangers doing their thing!
hand inking a linocut print of pigs in mud
Inking the pig family blocks
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Guest artist at the Log Cabin Print Shop

I love it when new printmakers visit Old Washington and discover the Log Cabin Print Shop! Yesterday, Andrew Cohen (and family) came from Lexington, KY to print with us!

andrew cohen printmaking at the log cabin print shop

They came at a perfect time, because I was doing some repairs/maintenance on the press, and needed someone to test it out.

artist andrew cohen printing at the cabin
Testing the press – it worked!

After some adjustments, we got the press working, and printed an edition of Andrew’s linocut

artist holding linocut print
Success! Press is printing with no slipping!

Thanks again, Andrew, for printing at the Log Cabin Print Shop, and sharing your artwork! I hope you and your crew will be able to visit again soon.

linocut by andrew cohen
Linocut by Andrew Cohen 8″x15″

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Reduction Printmaking With John Painter

My friend John came to visit. We are both artists, and spent most of the visit making prints. We made reduction linocuts: a technique where we use the same block for more than one color. We start with the lightest color, print it, then cut the block to design the second color. If all goes well, and we line the blocks correct, we have a beautiful 2 color design. These are particularly unique because; once we switch colors, it’s impossible to print that color’s design ever again. Limited edition!

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Upcoming printmaking exhibit at Appalshop

kentucky artists ken swinson and lacy hale at appalshop in whitesburg ky

Printmaker, painter and muralist, Lacy Hale invited me to ehibit some of my printmaking work and artZines at the Appalshop gallery in Whitesburg, KY. I have been a fan of her work ever since meeting her online. Not only is her art beautiful and magical, it also has social conscious, and is closely tied to her community. She recently finished a mural for the 2nd Mountain Mural fest in Harlan, KY.

still from lacy hale interview in corbin kentucky

She is interviewed as part of the news coverage of the event, and the story tells is a great example of why it’s so important to have art and artists in rural spaces. You can watch the MYMT segment here

Appalachian building with colorful mural
mural in Whitesburg, KY

As a rural artist, I’m interested in how we can help make a positive impact on our small towns. Whitesburg is an inspiring example of what is possible when creative people stay and make a positive change in their small towns.

panoramic photo of whitesburg kentucky
Whitesburg has a record store and multiple live music venues
photo of main street in whitesburg kentucky
busy downtown Whitesburg

For a small mountain town with only 2000 people, there’s a lot of creative type businesses, music venues, cafes and public art.

photo of public art on building beside creek in whitesburg kentucky
public art beside creek

Most of the main street buildings were occupied, and my first impression was that it has a good energy, and is the kind of place I would want to visit again.

appalshop in whitesburg kentucky

I had never visited Appalshop, but over my last 19 years as a Kentuckian, their documentaries have helped shape my understanding of our region.

antique video editing machine at appalshop
analog film editing machine at Appalshop

I consider Appalshop to be a national treasure. For 50 years, they have used the power of arts and culture to create meaningful social and economic change in our region. It was a thrill to see their studio and to meet some of the people who make it happen.

photo of appalshop building beside creek in whitesburg kentucky

Not only does Appalshop create documentaries — they also create filmmakers.

Across the street from their studio is another one of their programs: The Appalachian Media Institute (AMI).

exterior photo of the appalachian media institute in whitesburg kentucky
Appalachian Media Institute

AMI is a community-based arts and education center offering training and resources for young creatives and filmmakers.

the green room at the Appalachian media institute in whitesburg kentucky
One of AMI’s editing rooms

The program has been helping young artists and filmmakers for over 30 years. The current program coordinator, Willa Johnson is an alumni of the program.

portrait of wendell berry by misty skaggs
an artist/activist who i admire (Wendell Berry) painted by another artist/activist i admire (Misty Skaggs) hangs between 2 of AMI’s editing rooms

My printmaking exhibit will be at the Appalshop gallery from July 9 until August 22nd. I’m excited to announce that, at the closing of the exhibit (August 22), we are going to kick off our next artZine season by making one at AMI!

collaborative space for artists at the Appalachian Media Institute in whitesburg kentucky
A great space to work and collaborate at AMI

This will be an opportunity for YOU to visit Whitesburg, and get to know some of it’s people–while making art together!

Our theme for Summer’s ArtZine is:

Art Makes the World Better by…

so go ahead and start working on your entries! See you in Whitesburg!

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I don’t take photos on the best days at the print shop

Have you ever been so engaged enjoying a moment that you forgot to take your camera out to ‘document’ the experience? That’s what happened this Saturday at the Log Cabin Print Shop!

elephant notecard on traditional press by artist rachel bollman
Rachel Bollman printing with the old time cast iron press

I love it when it happens, but wish I had more pictures to share the day after.

artists alycia larsen and dustin cecil printing at the log cabin print shop
Alycia and Dustin printing with the big Wood Foose press

We had a full house with 4 people cranking art through both of our presses!

artist rachel bollman putting ink on a block print
inking linocuts

Ripley, OH artist, Rachel Bollman crossed the river to print with us.

elephant linocut by artist rachel bollman
Rachel Bollman

From Carter County, KY artist, Dustin Cecil

linocut printed hankie by carter county kentucky artist dustin cecil
Dustin Cecil

brought his artist friends Alycia (the geography lady)and Blake from Philidelphia

linocuts by alycia and blake larson
Blake and Alycia

Thanks everyone for printing with us at the log cabin, we had a great time!

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New greeting card-beehive

Good morning!!! Thanks everyone for coming out last night for final friday.
Today, im printing at the log cabin print shop from noon-5pm.

While doing my morning porchsitting/birdwatching, i started this design for a new greeting card.

I was born in Utah, the beehive state. During my formative years as a young artist in kentucky, Luciano Moral , and the original beehive tavern in augusta were a big support and influence of my work.I have a few friends who are beekeepers, and i am learning about how important our pollinators are. This tuesday, there will be a talk about pollinators at the caza sikes gallery…part of Ursula Roma s wonderful mind gardens art exhibit.

ipad with sketch of beehive- created with the app procreate
using ipad as a lightbox to trace a design onto tracing paper
I dont always draw with an ipad, but one advantage is that it doubles as a lightbox, and makes it easier to trace my design for flipping and transferring to the block
close up photo of detail of a bee for a linocut
UPDATE i have not carved as fast as i could, because some of the nicest people came to visit! I did just finish my first bee.its the cutest little thing. I put a pushpen in the photo to give you a sense of scale

Keep watching this post for updates on the print. Or stop by. Ill be printing from noon-5pm.

photo of linocut with beehive design carved and carving tools to the right
UPDATE this is all i was able to carve today. Might come back to the studio and finish tomorrow. Thanks everyone for stopping by!
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open print day at the log cabin print shop

photo of the log cabin print shop. a printmaking co op in old washington kentucky
photo by Jim Turner

Every Saturday the Log Cabin Print shop in Old Washington, KY is open to the public.

artist ken swinson with photographer, chuck moore and daughter at the log cabin print shop
photo by Dustin Cecil

Last week we had a great turnout: Cinci photographer, Chuck Moore came with his daughter, Kennedy.

artist ken swinson giving printmaking instruction at the log cabin print shop in old washigton kentucky
photo by Chuck Moore

Carter county multi media artist, Dustin Cecil, came to print on all sorts of different surfaces; paper, fabric, vinyl, boxer shorts, etc

photo of carter county artist, dustin cecil at the press

We even had a couple of suprise guest artists, our neighbors; Deb and Fred from Virginia!!!

ken swinson at the log cabin printshop with deb and brad in old washington
photo by Chuck Moore

We love it when photographers come to visit.

interior photo of the log cabin print shop in old washington kentucky antique press in the foreground logs and artwork in the background
photo by Chuck Moore

I’m usually too busy working with ink to to take any good photos, thanks to Chuck, we have some great images to remember the weekend. Thanks Chuck!

printmaking at the log cabin print shop in old washington kentucky
photo by Chuck Moore

You can follow more of his work on the instagram: Chuck Moore

and remember, if traditional printmaking looks like something you would like to do, you are welcome to stop by for a visit. The studio is free and open to the public every Saturday from noon-5pm