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Agua Fresca

Here in Oaxaca, I am surrounded by some of the freshest and delicious foods i have ever experienced. Today i am going to try to make an agua Fresca. It’s basically a tea made with hibiscus flowers, and I’m going to add a little bit of panela, an unrefined cane sugar. After it cools, i’ll pour a glass and drink it kind of like a decaffinated iced tea. So cheers! Here’s to trying new things: my first agua fresca!

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Making sketchbooks with Mexican Handmade paper


I had some scraps left over from painting on this beautiful handmade Mexican paper.

In the Mexican tradition of not wasting anything, I used the scraps as a cover for some of my handmade sketchbooks.


These sketchbooks are the perfect size to keep in my front shirt pocket


And they are made with great drawing paper, so I’m ready whenever I am inspired to make some art.

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Eliza Harris

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, I want to share my latest print.

It is a portrait of Kentucky Legend, Eliza Harris. 

In a race for freedom, Eliza jumped across floating pieces of ice to cross the Ohio River with her baby.

At the Ohio Shore, she was greeted by a man who was going to return her to slavery…but after watching her death defying river crossing, he helped her connect with the ‘underground railroad’ where she was relocated to Canada.

This print was hard to photograph, because the bottom layer is a gold-metallic ink.  It really should be seen in person.