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Art Zine Meet Up and Collaboration – Lewis County, KY

art zine meet up in lewis county - gratitude

For November’s Art Zine Meet up, a group of artists and writers from Kentucky and Ohio met at the Lewis County Public Library in Vanceburg, Ky. Our Theme for November was GRATITUDE.

If you’d like to print and make your own paper copy of the zine, you can download a print ready pdf of our zine here: click here to download printable PDF

colating art zine at the lewis county public library

We painted 17 different covers. Many are featured above. If you want to view or download a high resolution copy of any of the covers, you can visit this album: click here to view/download the covers.

Or view the zine below- click on any of the images to view/download a full size copy of the page-Click on the artist’s name for more information about the artist (when available)

artzine first page with photo of group
artwork by rosemary topie

Rosemary Topie

artwork by ken swinson

Ken Swinson

artwork by melissa barker

Melissa Barker

artwork by kelley hartley

Kelly Hartley

artwork by sue ellen gorman

Sue Gorman

artwork by courtney spear

Courtney Spear

artwork by gayle d massie

Gayle D. Massie

artwork by vicki tichenor

Vicki Tichenor

artwork by jamey kraeger

Jamey Kreger

Patty S. Toller

artwork by mari russell

Mari Russell

artzine contributors
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sketching/painting Lewis County Farm Scene

Next week, I am meeting a group of artists in Vanceburg, Ky for an art project; so I recently took a few sketching trips throughout Lewis County.

photo of a sketch of lewis county farm

Lewis county is where the Kentucky hills along the Ohio River start to grow into mountains. Beautiful country!  I stopped by this farm scene to do a little bit of sketching.

I like this scene so much, I decided to carve it into a linoleum block print. I decided to replace the haybales with cows, but feel like I captured the feeling of the scene.

I’m offering it as a limited edition (only 16), if you are interested, click the image for more information.

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Here’s how I have been framing my latest prints

A few people have asked me for more information about how I am framing my latest prints. Here’s some more information with photos.

My latest prints are in a panoramic profile: the carving is 4 1/2″ x 12″. I print on a 10″ x 16″ acid-free, cotton paper.

linocut print on a framing table

I make one kind of frame. It’s made from wood, and I use a 100% rag matt to keep the paper from the glass.

linocut print in a handmade frame walcott covered bridge bracken county kentucky

The frames have a simple, flat profile. I cover them with 3 coats of paint, and then give them a distressed effect, which brings out some of the natural aspects (like grain and occasional knots) of the wood.

close up photo of a handmade frame by artist ken swinson

I take a lot of pride in my frames, and sign them: handmade frame by Ken Swinson, just like I would the actual artwork.

ken Swinson signature on back of handmade frame
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How Artcroft Helped Me As A Young Emerging Artist

How artcroft helped me as a young emerging artist

About 10 years ago, I was given a month-long artist residency at Artcroft. My memories get a little bit fuzzy with the passing of time, but fortunately, I wrote a blog post every day of the experience. Looking back, that month was one of the defining moments of my art career.

Some of you might not have known me back then (or would like to refresh their memory), so here’s a link to my blog’s archive for the month of February 2008:

ken swinson at artcroft

Having a solid month to focus on my artwork, allowed me to create over 40 new works of art. I have probably never been so productive. I think this photo is from day 7.

I made friends with fellow artists from all over the world. Sharing a space, and getting to know, so many creative people from different walks of life, opened my mind to more possibilities of what it means to be an artist.

happy goats on a hill

I helped deliver and care for baby goats (Triplets)

ken swinson painting at artcroft

After the residency, I didn’t return to my part time job, and have been a full time artist ever since.

Artcroft’s program has shifted a little bit over the years. They (Artcroft’s Founders-Robert and Maureen Barker) are helping to revitalize the small town of Millersburg, KY by replacing abandoned buildings in it’s town square with gallery/studio/arts education spaces as well as a cafe.

Robert and Maureen barker artcroft millersburg kentucky

This Saturday, they are sponsoring an art & antique show in Millersburg. I will be there, and hope you will come support this wonderful project: