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Print on Clay with Tom + Dave – Arrowmont Workshop

I’m super grateful to be back at Arrowmont School of Arts and Craftsl for a printmaking (on clay) workshop with Thomas Lucas and David Todd Trost .

look who was on the campus to greet us!!!! He/she/they will be the inspiration for my print on clay project!

At the Arrowmont School of arts and Crafts in Tennessee-learning to make screens in the darkroom, then screen printing with ceramic glazes with master printer Thomas Lucas at a mind blowing print on clay workshop at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts . this is just one of many techniques we are learning.

This workshop is a double feature, with TWO instructors. In addition to learning from a master printer, we also have David Todd Trost. Not only is he like a walking talking encyclopedia in all things clay (and professional wrestling), but he’s also an amazing teacher-he explains and demonstrates what he knows in a way that’s just as entertaining as it is educational. I learned so much, and am super grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from them.

my table towards the end of the workshop
my super talented and nice class at Arrowmont

i’m back in the studio, testing on porcelain with some of the prints we made at master printer Thomas Lucas workshop…I’ve read all the books on printing on clay, and he has some refinements (that work better) to those techniques–and some new techniques I never even thought were possible. In all things ceramic testing is critical. one change in material (porcelain) can make a difference between success and failure.

Fortunately, in class, we had the opportunity to troubleshoot, and tom helped me understand what each component of the inks are doing, so I can refine and adjust to make sure I get the best results possible with my particular clay/glaze/temperature combination. Thanks to Tom and Dave everyone at Arrowmont and those who made this experience possible. I feel renewed and am filled with inspiration. stay tuned!

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