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New Oil Paintings September 2021

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here is a collection of my new

colorful + imaginative  paintings

These paintings are inspired by my life in rural Kentucky

also influenced by my love of color, animals, whimsy, folk art, and abstraction.

When I can’t travel and have to stay home or in studio

there’s an entire world in of imagination that I can explore. Painting in the studio gives me more time to plan and layer the oil colors in a way that isn’t possible compared to when outdoors, working from life.  

click here to see recent paintings created outdoors from life

Working in studio also lets me work BIGGER

These oil on canvas paintings are bigger than the plein air work I shared with you last week.  At the top of this online gallery, I included myself in a photo, to help you get a sense of the SCALE of the artwork. 

Sorry mom for looking so grubby and unprofessional, i took the photo after a long day of setting the gallery up.  I promise to wash my face and wear a tie in my next photo op.”

Art online is nice, but it’s 1000% better in person

If you are willing to wear a mask and comfortable visiting an indoor public space, I would still love to invite you to my studio at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati.  You can see this series AND another series of more abstract and whimsical style paintings IN PERSON on Tuesday and Thursday from 11-7pm the 21st and 23rd of September.  To avoid crowds, appointments are preferred. You can reply to this email to make a reservation, or call/text me at 859.652.3136.

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Another photo of the paintings 

To help you get an idea of what the paintings look like as a group; in relation to each other with a few measurements. Click the image or button below to visit my online (email exclusive until Sunday evening) gallery of the paintings. 

Thank you again for following, encouraging and supporting my artwork.
Enjoy the exhibit, and feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions.


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