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Virtual/in person exhibit : Part 1 Plein Air Out West

Earlier this summer, I needed a change of scenery, so

I packed my paints and went out WEST

On this trip, I followed the tradition of Plein Air painting

First made famous by the French Impressionists of the 1800s.  Instead of working inside a studio, these paintings were painted outdoors; directly from life.  My ‘studio’ was the wide open spaces of the west.  I did not touch up the paintings afterwards, nor did I use cameras or any other digital tools.  Every stroke of paint was created while standing outside in front of the subject of the painting.  It’s all about capturing the essence of the moment.

For generations, artists have traveled west to paint

Exploring a new, unfamiliar place, with high altitude, wind and a different kind of light and weather brought some challenges, but those challenges are what makes plein air painting so special and fun!  There’s no time to get caught up in details.  The paintings are made up of broad, expressive strokes.  Being in these awesome new places gave me much needed joy and inspiration that I was able to put into the paintings.   

My dream was to hang these together in a group

then invite you all to come see them in person at my studio in Cincinnati. I’m still going to do that, but I want everyone to stay safe during the pandemic, instead of one big opening I’m going to give you the first look through this email. 

Art online is nice, but it’s 1000% better in person

If you are willing to wear a mask and comfortable visiting an indoor public space, I would still love to invite you to my studio at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati.  You can see this series AND another series of more abstract and whimsical style paintings IN PERSON on Tuesday and Thursday from 11-7pm the 21st and 23rd of September.  To avoid crowds, appointments are preferred. You can email to make a reservation, or call/text me at 859.652.3136.

If you were waiting for more abstract, colorful studio paintings,

make sure you have subscribed to my email newsletter and keep an eye on your inbox, I’m working on an email sneak peek: a series of completely different style (and new!) studio paintings. They are in a more colorful, abstract, and whimsical style you may be familiar with.  If you want first ‘dibs’ the email will come out later this week.   

Thanks again for your interest/support of my work. Hope to see you in person soon. Stay safe out there!

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