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Pottery Update – 1 July

I haven’t shared this story because it highlights one of my many shortcomings.

A few months ago, one of my hand made shelves collapsed, causing an overwhelming mess in part of my studio. I cleaned the worst of it, but the whole experience was so discouraging, i left the space in dysfunctional disorder, and decided to just close the door and take a break from making that kind of art (especially since spring had started, and it was time to go outside and paint nature’s beauty!!!)

…well, today, it’s just too hot to go outside and paint, so I’m going to give this part of my studio some TLC, and who knows? maybe I’ll even make something, if i can get this chaos organized in time?

Do any of you remember what I use this space for?!?
Give me some thumbs up and/or cheerful encouragement, if you are happy to see me going back to this kind of art making.
Stay tuned!!!

if you think i am hard to keep up with, JOIN THE CLUB! EVEN I DON’T KNOW what I’m going to do next. 2 days ago, i never would have guessed that I’d have 11 porcelain cups that need trimming and handles…well, if i’m not predictable, at least I hope it’s interesting.

POTTERY UPDATE: they still need some finessing, but all my cups are trimmed and have a handle.

They are all handmade and unique. Which is your favorite form?

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